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Page and Sam | Thistleberry Farms | South Bend, Indiana

I had been seeing a ton of people post sunflower pictures so after some research and facebook stalking I stumbled upon Thistleberry Farms in South Bend. I shared a post on Facebook saying who's down and Page said yes. So that is how we ended up at Thistleberry Farms in the middle of a sunflower field two days later. Let me tell you, I am sure glad I posted about it, and I am sure glad Page said yes because let me tell you, I wish I could shoot in Sunflower fields all the dang time because it was gorgeous! I will say that there was probably easily 300+ people there, and let me tell you that was a challenge in itself but it was well worth it for these photos!

I could honestly talk about how obsessed I am with those location for another five minutes, but I know everyone's favorite blog post is where I talk about the amazing couple I photographed. I actually went to high school with Page for my junior and senior year. When I showed up for the first day of Cheer camp my junior year, Page was the first person to talk to me. I was a new student at the school and had been insanely nervous to go in the first place. But Page walked right up to me as we were waiting and started talking to me. She offered me to sit with her, and be in her group and didn't leave my side the entire first day. She was my first friend at the school, and one I held on to those two years. We had a year book together Junior year which was really us just eating snacks in the back, and literally was the best cheer friend I could have asked for. Honestly don't know what I would have done without her! So seeing as I knew her in high school, I have been around for a minute and I have never seen anyone make her smile like Sam. Literally Sam brings the biggest smile to her face, and the way these two interact tells me that these two are real deal, head over heels, Notebook type love. Literally these two just glow together and are seriously so dang sweet together. So if anyone needs me Ill be waiting for the proposal patiently because seriously I have never seen Page this happy and it is such an amazing thing to see old friends again and see they are with someone so good to them and who loves them so completely.

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