• Abigail Saalfrank

Olivia and Nick | Foster Park | Fort Wayne, Indiana

If anyone needs me, I am going to be "losing" these photos so I have another excuse to photograph Olivia and Nick, then will be conveniently finding them once we do another session. Totally joking, but literally I wish I could photograph these two every single day.

Olivia and Nick were one of my incredible 2019 couples that I just absolutely adored, so I basically have been looking forward to their anniversary session since I delivered their wedding photos. These two are literally the sweetest people in the entire world. They make you feel so loved and so special every time they are around you. Their laughter and contagious smiles light up a room, and honestly if you asked me to point to a couple that I had photographed that is such an amazing example of selfless love and who I would hope everyone would have a relationship like it would 100% be these two. Literally I could go on for hours because these two are seriously so incredible, and I feel so blessed to have been their wedding photographer. But I really want people to get to these photos because these two are freaking CUTE!

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