• Abigail Saalfrank

Kelsey and Hunter | Oak Openings | Toledo, Ohio

I hope y'all are ready for a super pretty outdoors snowy forest engagement session, because here it is. Literally Kelsey and Hunter's outdoor engagement session was the perfect session, and not because the snow was perfectly fallen over the trees, but because a woodsy snowy engagement session was absolutely perfect for these two, and perfectly showcased who they are as a couple, but also was the perfect backdrop for their super cute session.

Sometimes I just walk away from an engagement session wishing I could time travel back an hour and shoot it all over again, this was one of those sessions. Not only were Kelsey and Hunter totally adorable. They were also totally hilarious. Literally was near tears from laughing so many times during this session, especially when I was having them walk through the trees and Hunter straight walked into a tree. Literally the session was just all around so enjoyable that I wish I could have photographed it 5 more times.Kelsey and Hunter are also super cute together, and so in sync. You can tell these two love each other completely and totally and are definitely the perfect match.

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