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Best of 2019: Engagement

2019 has been one crazy year, seriously. I shot more engagement sessions in this past year than I ever have, 43 if we are being exact. I honestly dont know if I have even come close to shooting this many engagement sessions in one year. But we did it, I made it through 43 amazing engagement sessions. I have traveled all over the midwest for these sessions. From Wisconsin to Michigan, Ohio to Illinois, Indiana, to Kentucky, I have seen it all, and spent a lot of time in the car this past year but it was so worth it. However it meant that this blog post was next to impossible as I had to pick my favorites from around 5000+ images. There was a lot of time spent picking the images and narrowing it down to 150. Seriously a lot of time. A lot of coffee was drank, and a lot of stress was had as I had to take 5000ish images and narrow it down to 150. For all the math lovers that's only 3%. 3% of the images I shot this year at engagement sessions are in this blog post, and while I love all 100%, these are for sure the images that stood out to me above the rest. So enjoy the Best of 2019 Engagement blog post and be on the look out for details, bride and groom, and wedding party to be making their appearance on the blog in the next week as well!

Also a huge thank you and amount of love for each of these couples trusting me to shoot their engagement session. I love each and every one of you so much. Thanks for making my dream job a thing.

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