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Best of 2019: Details

Best of 2019: Details, definitely the easiest of the wedding Best of Blog posts to put together by far. Sure there are detail photos taken throughout the entire day, from the detail photos of the rings, shoes, and so on, to the ceremony details, to the reception, to the throughout the day, there are a million. But while I adore detail photos, and some of my favorite photos I took in 2019 are detail photos, it is so much easier for me to choose my favorite detail photos. Maybe it is because I am not overly attached to a ring, like I am my brides and grooms, but seriously the Best of 2019: Bride and Groom post is currently killing me. Anyways, details are such a huge part of a wedding day because they are the things you took so much time planning and stressing over, which is why I love capturing them. You stayed up late dreaming of what your bouquet was going to look like and how to explain it to the florist, and I am here to make sure every angle of that beautiful bouquet is captured. You spent hours trying to decide on what shoes to wear as you walked down the aisle to the love of your life, and I am going to make sure you never forget them by photographing them heavily. All those little things you stressed over are easy to forget, which is why I love capturing them. I can not wait for the 2020 detail photos, as my 2020 brides have already started sending me pictures of things such as their shoes, and jewelry, as well as their bouquet inspiration, so I know 2020 details are going to kill, but for now I am still remising on 2019's.

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