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24 Things I Have Learned in 24 Years

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

I turned 24 this past weekend and I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog post of 24 things that I have learned in 24 years especially after all the love I received on my post about birthdays being hard. Now this list is going to be pretty random because while I have learned a lot of life hacks, and deep things about life in my 24 years of life, I have also learned a lot of random things I just wish someone would have told me sooner. Plus this list would be boring if it was just filled with deep, and emotional things I have learned. So without further a-due, here we go.

1. You will be too much for some, and not enough for others. Those are not people you want in your life. If they make you feel like you are either of those things, walk away.

2. Never go to the grocery on a Monday, or the 2-3 days before a holiday, unless you want to wait 40 minutes for deli meat or to check out.

3. If someone constantly makes you feel bad about yourself, they shouldn't be in your life.

4. If your parents don't like someone its usually a sign you shouldn't either. (wish I would of learned this about 10 years earlier then I did)

5. The best people in your life usually are the ones that fall into it randomly.

6. In the grand scheme of things, nothing that happens in high school actually matters because no one cares if you were voted prom queen or were the star of the football team once you leave high school.

7. Your high school friends are temporary, your college friends are for life.

8. You do not need a huge circle of friends to be happy. One quality friend goes a lot further than 10 alright friends.

9. You are right where you need to be, right now.

10. Your parents are typically right. I mean 99.9% of the time.

11. Don't expect someone to like someone else if you only tell them negative things about that person.

12. Putting yourself first is sometimes a necessity because not everyone cares about or even considers your best interest.

13. You can't use metal on non-stick pans. (I do not understand how this works)

14. Most of the things you worry about will never happen and if they do, worrying about them didn't stop them from happening.

15. Being happy is a choice you have to make sometimes.

16. Moving is the literal worst and best thing all at the same time.

17. The number on the scale means nothing if you look in the mirror and are happy with how you look.

18. Your natural hair color looks best. (took 12 years for me to learn this one)

19. An apology means nothing if their actions haven't changed.

20. There is no such thing as making the exact amount of pasta you need. So be prepared to eat it for three meals, or go slightly hungry.

21. Giving gifts is better then getting, especially when you are getting someone something they really want.

22. Never ever only have one key. YOU NEED A SPARE. (This comes from me losing my key on a beach, 5 hours from home, and having to tow my car home and pay for new keys to be made. Definitely an expensive mistake.)

23. Watching football with your dad is the best way to spend a Sunday.

24. Your life may not be what you thought it would be at 24, its 10x better.


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