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McCoart Wedding | Union 12 | Columbia City, Indiana

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Y'all should already know that this is going to be the sappiest blog post of the year because this wedding happens to be the wedding of my best friend, Taylor. So I am feeling a little sentimental, and maybe it is because I literally spent most of the wedding crying behind my camera. Thank God for waterproof mascara and a camera to hide my ugly crying face.

This wedding has been much anticipated. Taylor and I have been best friends for nearly two years, so when Taylor thought Paul was going to propose on July 4th, 2018, I knew about it and I was excited. We had spent weeks thinking of possible times he might proposed and hoped that this would finally be the one we were right about. I cried from five hours away as I received photos and word that Taylor and Paul had in fact got engaged and the wedding planning was on. I have literally talked weddings more in the past 16 months then I do normally, but it was worth every second as the big day finally came together. I literally could have told you exactly what this wedding was going to look like, thats how involved I was in the planning. Literally I can not tell you how many Pinterest photos have been sent between Taylor and I in the last 16 months as she planned. We probably, single handedly, kept Pinterest a thing. A lot of late nights about which flowers, bridesmaids dresses, or the 9000 other aspects, I have been anxiously awaiting this day for 16 months. So was I literally so excited I could barely contain myself? Yes.

Taylor has second shot for me before, and so she literally was bride of the year with her detail photos. I always encourage my brides to give me a few pieces of their florals for styling and Taylor literally gave me at least 20. DREAM. So basically started off the day on quite the high. As you will see since I included a lot of detail photos, but the details of the day were absolutely stunning. I mean those freaking bouquets! Come on. And the use of all the eucalyptus, just absolutely dreamy. I am such a sucker for eucalyptus. But besides the flowers, the rest of the details were just as stunning. My favorite would have to be Taylor's veil, her grandma literally made it. IS THAT THE SWEETEST THING EVER OR WHAT?! Literally that just had me dead. Puddle of tears on the floor over that one, which just continued when Taylor showed me the heart shaped patch from her late grandfather's hankie. LIKE I NEED A TISSUE AGAIN. But besides that, everything was amazing. From the color palette, to the invites, to the fact that Taylor's grandma literally danced the entire night until it was time to tear down the reception space, to the fact that my best friend became a wife, and I was just a puddle of emotions. Literally 16 months of planning was well worth it, and so was the investment in waterproof mascara.

Beside Taylor and Paul stood one amazing bridal party. Although I was unable to be a part of it, due to I literally had the best privilege in the world of being her wedding photographer, the bridal party was seriously the best. Taylor's maid of honor was her sister, Casey, which was literally the sweetest, and Paul's was his twin brother. Paul's side was filled with family, and two close friends, and Taylor was surrounded by her sister and closest friends. This bridal party bared the cold. Literally we did photos outside in 27 degree weather, with wind, we were totally frozen. They also literally stayed the entire night, and helped tear down the reception space and clean up. This bridal party was dedicated and I couldn't of been happier that Taylor and Paul literally were so loved on by their bridal party the entire day.

Obviously the best part of this blog post is getting to write about Taylor and Paul. I literally adore them, especially Taylor, which everyone probably expected. Taylor has been there for me the last two years in ways I would of never thought I would have needed her. She has been there for me every time of day, even at 3am (most times because there is one thing Taylor loves more than me and it is sleep.) She literally has been such a rock to me, and there for me through some of the hardest parts of my life that I have faced and I am so thankful to have her as my best friend and for her unwavering support and love constantly. Also thankful I have a best friend that will scream Allstar at the top of her lungs at her wedding, while drinking amaretto sours and let me video the entire thing and post it. True friendship right there. I have literally never known Taylor without Paul so I guess I do have to say that Paul does bring out the best in her, which isn't hard because Taylor is a literal angel. But Taylor and Paul are my favorite together and do share such a sweet love between the two. I have bene around Paul several times and I have never seen him smile as big as he did on his wedding day. Literally this man was looking at Taylor like she was literally the great thing ever created (she is) and it had me in tears knowing my best friend was married to a man that loves her nearly as much as I do. So basically 10/10 on the emotional scale, 10/10 on the wonderful scale, 10/10 on the best day ever scale.

Dream Team Vendors:

Venue: Union 12

Catering: Cebollas

Wedding Dress: One Fine Day

Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie

Men's Ware: Jos A. Banks

Florist: Four Seasons Floral

Cake Artist: Luke's Cakes

Hair Artist: Olivia Doreff

Makeup Artist: Darcy Holt

Dj: RnB Sound

Invitations and Other Stationary: Shutterfly

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