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5 Reasons Why I Prefer Prime Lenses

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

If you know me then you know I am 900% dedicated and loyal to my prime lenses. I own a zoom lens, but to be honest I think I have personally used it maybe twice in the two years I have owned it. It is always on my second shooter's camera as he adores it, but I live for my prime lenses. I guess I should say lens, singular, as I literally only use my 50 for the most part. But either way, I love primes and here is 5 reasons why.

1. Wider Aperture

Want that creamy, bokeh background everyone loves? Well you better shoot prime. Literally the bokeh (background blur) that a prime lens can give is one of the soul reasons I use them. I live for the creamy, perfectly blurred background in most of my images and I would never be able to achieve that as much as I do with a zoom lens. This also comes to play when it comes to light. Prime lenses can let in more light due to the wider aperture, which means shooting in low light situations are a breeze.

2. Smaller

Zoom lenses tend to be bigger, and that is just due to the fact that they can cover such a broad range. However that is a reason I prefer prime over zoom. Prime lenses are so much smaller and usually 10x lighter. I am already carrying around enough wright with my camera and battery pack, I do not need more from my lens.

3. They make me work

This may seem strange but I love that I have to move around a ton to get the exact shot I want. My second shooter could literally stand in the same place and get 10 different shots by moving the zoom, I however have to move around. Now some people may say I am crazy, but it challenges me to be creative and causes me to explore and find new angles and perspectives I would not have had I not moved.

4. Faster

Technically speaking prime lenses are faster than zoom lenses. Do I know the logistics of this? No. But do I notice that my prime lenses works a lot faster and can shoot off more images then my second's zoom lens? Yes.

5. Price

Prime lenses tend to be built with fewer glass elements and fewer parts then a zoom lens making them a whole lot easier on your wallet. To have a nice zoom lens you can be shelling out a couple grand, while a nice prime is around the thousand dollar mark. Literally all of my prime lenses are the same price as my one zoom lens.

I know that is kind of brief and to the point but there is not an over abundance of explanation needed. You would literally have to pry my prime lenses out of my cold dead hands and force me to use a zoom before I would make the switch.



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