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Hanna and Cody | Columbus Park Of Roses | Columbus, Ohio

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

This year of travel has lead me to discover so many insanely gorgeous locations in other cities. Usually due to countless hours of googling trying to find the perfect location for my clients, but occasionally a client knows exactly where they want to shoot, and they are the reason I discover a gorgeous location. Hanna brought the Park of Roses to my attention, and I am so glad she did because seriously this park is stunning. First off the white gazebo, literally if you need me I will be re-creating that in my backyard. Second off, literally the rest of the park, stunning. I really want to visit the park when the roses are in full bloom because literally how could you not want to. The roses were actually still really stunning for being October, but this place is probably a flower lovers heaven in the summer, so definitely adding it to my 2020 list of places I need to shoot again, and if I am lucky I will convince Hanna and Cody to get in front of my camera again too.

This couple is literally the best. I say that because Hanna is currently in South Carolina finishing up school, and flew home for her engagement session Thursday night. To top it all off she was working two shifts at The Columbus Children's hospital on top of all this. Like this girl crossed several states to be in front of my camera, so basically she automatically won the title of best bride for the year. But besides that she flew for her session, and her and Cody are totally rocking long distance, I seriously adore this couple. They are so sweet together and you can tell they are just so genuinely excited to become husband and wife next winter! Plus let's be real, they are seriously stinking cute together and fully compliment each other in every way. They are a couple you can just tell are totally meant to be together.

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