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October Travels

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

I honestly can not believe I am blogging October Travels and that OCTOBER IS ALMOST OVER. WHAT?! What happened to October, or even September, or even 2019 in general! This year is flying by, literally, and I am not okay with it at all. But here we are blogging October's Travels, so I guess I am just going to have to accept it.

Luckily traveling has slow down quite a bit for me in the fall months. Traveling every weekend was getting really exhausting, and I was spending a lot of Mondays sleeping in, and watching Netflix because I was exhausted. However I am definitely missing being on the road, one of those very bittersweet things. However I did get a chance to travel quite a bit in October, hence why we are here.

The first weekend in October was a pretty chill weekend with only a wedding. Definitely a nice slow start to the month, which was definitely needed. The wedding took place in Markle, Indiana, only 30 minutes away from my house so not much of a travel. But definitely a gorgeous wedding to start off October with.

The second weekend in October was spend in Columbus and Hocking Hills. 4 engagement sessions, and a lot of driving, but seriously such a fun weekend. Evan and I found the most amazing Taco place in Columbus. They put hard shell tacos, in soft shell tacos, with a layer of queso between. Literal heaven? YES! We are headed to Columbus again in November, and the taco place is first on my list. Saturday we shot at the Park of Roses which was absolutely gorgeous, and surprisingly still full of roses. Sunday we made the drive to Hocking Hills and shot an engagement session which was stunning. I am obsessed with Hocking Hills and definitely need to venture there soon again to actually explore. We also shot at Inniswood Park on Sunday which was equally stunning and literally filled with photographers. I have never shot at a park so full of photographers and other sessions happening. But it was worth it working around so many people because the park was gorgeous!

The third weekend in October included a solo trip down to Indy to photograph the Dager Family, the Clark Family, and the Bode family, as well as Jordan and Bennett's engagement photos. All three families were photographed at Coxhall Gardens, which catch me there every weekend because this park is GORGEOUS, and features so many backdrops for portraits. Literally loved the park and loved the families even more. Plus we had perfect weather. I also shot at Eagle Creek park for Jordan and Bennett's engagement session which is one of my favorite in Indy. It was all around a really good day for traveling and shooting so many wonderful people.

The last weekend in October included a gorgeous wedding right here in town, and then a trip to Detroit for an engagement session. Evan and I shot at Belle Isle, which is one of my favorite iconic Detroit locations, so I was pretty happy. Even though there was 20mph winds, and it was so cold I was shaking, it was well worth it! After we made a drive up to Port Huron to comb for sea glass. (if you don't know I am obsessed with finding sea glass) We were able to find some really cool pieces, and now I can say I have sea glass from 3/5 great lakes! We then headed home making a stop in Ann Arbor for our favorite Italian place, Piada, and to say hi to my favorite school, The University of Michigan. We spend the drive home laughing and eating a lot of twizzlers as we always do, but it was the perfect end to a busy month!

All around this month has had quite a few travels and definitely worth it all. I love being able to travel during the month, and to be able to have captured so many families, engagements, and weddings this month. It was been a good October for sure!


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