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Abigail and Jonathon | Cedar Falls | Hocking Hills, Ohio

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

You already know you are going to have a fantastic engagement session when you and the bride share a first name. Literally. I swear going into every engagement session I come up with the most random reason that is it going to be either fantastic or the best ever, and my reason this time is I shot a bride with the same name as me. Oh and the fact that we shot at Cedar Falls in Hocking Hills did give this engagement session a little step up. Although after hiking back up the stairs that we took to get to the falls I thought different for a brief second. Totally joking.

Abigail and Jonathon wanted to shoot in Hocking Hills and I immediately said yes. Anyone from Indiana, Ohio, heck most of the midwest has heard about Hocking Hills and how insanely gorgeous it is. Now I will be the first to admit I am not the outdoors type. Literally say the word hike and I will stare at you like you are nuts. But the second we pulled into the parking lot, I would have signed myself up for a 10 mile hike because this place is incredible! Granted I am on doctor's orders to not do activity due to a heart concern but I wouldn't of cared. Hocking Hills is literally the prettiest nature spot that I have ever shot in, so if anyone needs me I am moving to Columbus and shooting there on the regular. But anyways, besides my obsession with the park, there was this super sweet couple I photographed. Not only were these two so sweet, seriously I felt like I was shooting old friends, but they were also so sweet with each other. I asked them to climb on the weirdest things, and Jonathon never once forgot to offer Abigail his hand and help her. It was just so sweet to watch him watching out for her and taking care of her. Seriously these two are so stinking cute together. They are one of those couples that just perfectly compliments each other in every way, and you can tell that they just 100% enjoy their time together. They are truly happier together.

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