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Wray Wedding | Stauffer Farms | Markle, Indiana

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Starting October is always so bittersweet, while it is the start of chaos as busy season is in full swing, it also means the end of wedding season is near! I am so not prepared for the 2019 wedding season to be coming to an end as it has seriously been one of the best wedding seasons yet. 2019 has brought so many gorgeous wedding including my first 2019 October wedding, Bailey and Daniel's.

Bailey and Daniel were married on one of the prettiest fall days we could have asked for. Between the perfect weather, and the perfect venue this day was set up for perfection. Starting off October's wedding season with perfect weather really has me having high expectations. Seriously it was a perfect 68 degrees which meant the outdoor ceremony was amazing because I was not sweating at all. Joking, but also kind of serious. One of my favorite things about October weddings is the cool wedding and the Wray wedding literally had dream weather. Besides the weather which I could talk about for the whole blog post, they also had a gorgeous venue, Stauffer Farms. Between the outdoor ceremony space, the twinkley lights hung everywhere, the fire pit, and the little farmhouse beside, this venue felt like a fairytale location for Bailey and Daniel. Combined with their gorgeous fall decor, their perfect fall color palette, and a lot of friends and family. I don't think anyone could of asked for a more perfect day.

Included in the perfect day was a perfect bridal party. The guys were seriously hilarious, and made groomsmen photos so much fun. I wished I could have taken them to every wedding because they were the life of the party. Not only did they keep everyone laughing during photos, they also kept the dance floor covered with hilarious dance moves. They held nothing back as they celebrated and it was so great to see. Along with the guys, the bridesmaids were also such a great group. Several of them gave me compliments throughout the day which made me so happy. They made Bailey smile from ear to ear as they showered her in compliments, but how could you not, she was a gorgeous bride! They also spent most of the night on the dance floor, and did everything they could to help Bailey and Daniel. They were seriously all so sweet and I felt like Bailey just chose a group of girls who loved her and Daniel so fiercely.

It was hard not to love Bailey and Daniel because these two are seriously so sweet. They have been together since Freshman year of college and as I looked at all the pictures on the wall of them at the reception, you could tell it was love from the start. These two are so sweet with each other and just radiate love. Daniel smiles every time he looks Bailey's way and Bailey just automatically gets this big smile in response. These two literally look at each other and just light up. You know when two people are in love when you see them together and they just shine. These two are just that, a perfect match. They also had just as many good ideas for their wedding photos as their engagement photos, and found the coolest spots on the venue's property for their photos. I literally am sad that this wedding is over as I was so excited about it leading up. I wish we could go back and literally do the whole thing again.

Dream Team Vendors

Venue: Stauffer Farms

Wedding Dress: David's Bridal

Bridesmaid's Dresses: David's Bridal

Men's Ware: Macy's

Florist: Kroger

Cake Artist: Nadeans

Hair Artist: The Shop Salon

DJ: Fort Wayne DJs

Invites and Other Stationary: Zazzle

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