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Updated: Dec 8, 2019

I am going to be real honest here. Life has been absolutely insane and with some current health concerns, blogging has literally been at the end of my to-do list being neglected. However I am going to try and be better about it, and get back on my consistent schedule, so be patient with me as I try. This blog post should of gone up last week, as some time last week, five years ago, I decided to start my photography business, but like I said blogging has been on the back burner. So better a week late then never right?

Some time last week, five years ago, I decided to start my photography business. I wish I knew an exact date so I could celebrate on the actual anniversary, but instead I just have a vague week where it happens to fall. All I for sure know is on September 27th I took my camera over to Max and Sam's house and took some pictures of them, sometime that next week, I decided to give myself a little side job doing photography. 5 years later here we are. I will be honest when I say I never expected myself to be here. Five years ago when I started my business it was just a side job. I was in school to be an elementary teacher, had plans to head off to grad school after for social work, and eventually work for a big school corporation in some big city as a school social worker. I had 0 intentions of being a being a photographer full time. But life has a real funny way of pushing you to be exactly where you need to be.

I seriously could talk for hours about how much of a journey the last five years have been, how much I have learned, and how much I have grown. These five years have been such a journey and an experience that I am so insanely thankful for. But if I get too much into it this blog post will be way too long, and I will get way too sappy. So instead I wanted to take the time to thank a few key people in this journey.

1. My parents

Seriously I would not be here without the continued love and support from my parents. They have done everything they can to support me and my business, including my dad literally telling everyone, including strangers about me and in the most random ways possible. They have bought me so many lenses, and weird camera accessories they don't understand. They have spent hours looking at photos with me, and shared every social media post they can. They have helped me with the business side of my business, shout out to my mom for basically being my accountant, and literally helped me understand how to run a successful business. They have literally done so many things to support me and love me through all of this and I am literally so thankful for them.

2. My sister

While she may not have been able to provide any financial support like my parents did initially, her mental and emotional support has meant the world to me. From modeling for me every 5 seconds when I was first starting so I would have photos to post, to promoting me as much as she could, to referring clients to me, my sister has been one of my biggest fans.

3. My second shooter, Evan

Having a best friend who loves photography as much as you do is literally the best thing in the world. Mainly because working together is the bomb and because Evan loves on my clients just as much as I do. Having Evan in my business has been such a blessing, not only has he been there to document so many weddings and engagement sessions, but he has spent a lot of late nights with me while I edited, or proofing content I am working on. Evan literally pours so much of himself into my business and helping me and I couldn't be more thankful.

4. My clients

I would literally be no where without my clients, especially my clients who have spent endless hours promoting and supporting me. Seriously I love each and every one of my clients so fiercely and they love me so hard back and I am so so so thankful for each and every one of them. Thankful for everyone who has trusted me to capture their wedding, their family, their engagement session, their senior, their child, literally so insanely thankful. If you have ever been in front of my camera just know you literally mean the world to me and are supporting me in my dream job. I love you all!!

Literally could list 900 other people because so many people have played a roll in this journey, but I wanted to highlight my top four, and the ones who have really been key. But also wanted to say thank you to anyone who has played a roll, and supported my business. I literally could not be more thankful to be celebrating five years!!


Also of course I had to be extra and take some five year photos, so enjoy!

Had to include a few outtakes for your viewing pleasure.

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