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A Few Fave Vendors

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

I know how hard choosing vendors can be. I am constantly getting questions from brides asking me who I recommend for this and that. I think it is because there is just so many choices that it can be overwhelming if you don't know where to start, and if you post on Facebook, let's be honest, you are going to get a million comments and every single one will be different. Because I know how overwhelming it can be as a bride, I gathered a list of my favorite vendors who I recommend time and time again. Rather it be because their work is stunning, or they go the extra mile, you can not go wrong with these vendors! I do want to say, they are in no particular order in their categories and I love all of them equally.


1. Rose's Bouquets

Literally the owner of Rose Bouquets is the sweetest woman ever, but she is literally a floral wizard. There is nothing this woman can not do or create and I love her artistic eye. I also tend to use Rose's Bouquets every time I need a bouquet for a shoot because I love her work so much and she just nails that perfect wedding bouquet.

Check them out here!

2. Armstong Florist

I love Armstrong Florist for a lot of reasons. One their florals are always amazing, and I use them any time I need a bouquet for mother's day or a shower, or just feeling like loving on a friend. They create gorgeous florals that literally should be on Martha Stewart Magazine.

Check them out here!

3. Lopshire Florist

Another local florist I absolutely love. One their staff is amazing and I feel like they are always able to create such unique bouquets and bouts. They seem to always think just slightly out of the box meaning their florals always turn out unique and creative without being ridiculous.

Check them out here!

4. Magical Blooms and I Do's

If you are looking for a bouquet straight off of Pinterest Magical Blooms and I Do's is the one. Their bouquets are absolutely incredible and over the top. They are a Michigan based vendor, but literally I recommend them constantly. Plus their staff is literally so sweet.

Check them out here!

Cake Artists

1. For Goodness Cakes

Slightly bias towards For Goodness Cakes because I get all my cakes from them because I love the owners, but their cake is so dang good. However 2020 is going to be their last wedding season before the owner retires so better get over there quick!

Check them out here!

2. Sassie Cakes

I love Sassie's perfectly decorated cakes. Seriously there is nothing that girl can not do to a cake and it is so dang impressive. Plus they are seriously delicious as well.

Check them out here!

Hair and Makeup

1. In Touch Salon and Spa

I am slightly bias to In Touch because I go there to get my hair done because they are straight fantastic. But seriously their updo's are incredible and I literally wish I could just make an appointment to go there and get an updo for the heck of it. They are literally hair wizards.

Check them out here!

2. Red Stiletto

I will literally always recommend Hope and her team because they are the ultimate hair and makeup combo. They also offer airbrush makeup which I know my brides always love. They make you look like you belong on the cover of a magazine.

Check them out here!


1. Quattro Systems

Quattro Systems is someone I work with a lot and I just love how considerate of the guests and vendors they are. They make sure everyone is hearing music they love and enjoying themselves the entire time.

Check them out here!

2. MnM Sounds

MnM Sounds is not only one of the nicest Dj's, seriously I loved the one DJ I worked with, but they also all around are great at keeping the party going and everything running smoothly which is so important with a DJ.

Check them out here!

3. Nightlife Entertainment

This is a Dj who can keep people on the floor, keeps the party moving, and all around provides the perfect atmosphere on the wedding dance floor. The party never stopped once which is what I love to see.

Check them out here!

Wedding Planners

1. Wedding & Event Planning by Morgan Nicole, LLC

Morgan is a former bride of mine so I am slightly bias, but OH MY GOSH her work is dang incredible and I will literally be booking Morgan for my wedding day some day. It will be fun to flip rolls as vendor and bride.

Check them out here!

2. Splendid Events

Splendid Events, aka Andrea was Morgan's wedding planner for the day of and she was absolutely fantastic. She kept everyone on track and made sure everything ran smoothly and I can not recommend her enough.

Check them out here!


1. KJC Studios

I have worked with KJC Studios a hand full of times and always love their work. Plus they are videographer who is super considerate of the photographers which is so needed. I can not tell you how many shots have been ruined by videographers, but not KJC. All around a fantastic team to work with and I love when my brides book them.

Check them out here!


1. Magical Blooms and I Do's

Look no further for a decorator. Seriously. I only have one recommendation because literally I can not find another recommendation that I even love half as much as I love Magical Blooms and I Do's.

Check them out here!


1. Ceruti's

Ceruti's seriously provides a total experience with their catering and I am always so impressed by it. Plus their food is totally delicious. However the experience is what really makes me love them. They just go so above and beyond for their brides and grooms and I love it.

Check them out here!

2. Salsa Grill

Had Salsa Grill at two weddings I shot this year which made me realize how yummy their food is, especially at a wedding. I eat a lot of chicken and potatoes at weddings so Salsa Grill was such a unique and different experience and I loved every second of it. Plus I have never seen so many people go up for seconds.

Check them out here!

I hope this list helps guide you in your vendor making decision and will definitely be doing an updated list in the near future as I love being able to add new vendors I love.


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