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What I Am Currently Loving: September Edition

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

September's edition of What I Am Currently Loving is here and I am pretty excited about it. Mainly because this month includes a rediscovery of something as well as a binge worthy Netflix show.

1. New Girl

I have yet to do a Netflix show, so September seemed appropriate to start. I will be honest I am a huge Netflix lover and binge new seasons constantly. It helps that I can watch Netflix while I work, and I am a total night owl. But anyways I started watching New Girl this past week and I absolutely love it. It is so funny and so entertaining. The cast is wonderful and the plot is super easy to follow and keep up with. (A total must for me since 90% of my focus is on the photos I am editing) Since I happened to love it so much I had to recommend it to you.

2. Fujifilm Instax Mini

Chances are you have definitely seen one of these mini polaroid cameras. They are sold everywhere including Target, Michaels, and so on. Plus everyone 18 and under seems to have them. I have actually had mine for 6 years and have one of the first they ever released. So for everyone with a cute pastel one I am kinda jealous, but I still move my metallic blue one. I recently took mine off the shelf and started using it again and I am so glad I did. There is just something about polaroids I love, hence how I have ended up owning so many polaroids. Plus I feel like such a 80's girl using one. The great part about the new ones is film is not insanely expensive and you can get it in a ton of patterns, but they are also small and lightweight. I just throw mine in my purse and go. I should say I do love my vintage polaroid cameras I have equally, however they take vintage film and it is so dang expensive! I am talking $32 for 8 photos. So I really love my little one! I actually still have every polaroid I have taken since I got my polaroid in a box under my bed and I seriously have hundreds... I have thought about some day covering a wall with them.

3. The Princess Diaries Book Series

So a couple weeks I had the urge to watch The Princess Diaries, a total classic. Well I had never noticed before but in the beginning of the movie it says based off the book. I was totally confused as I had never heard of The Princess Diaries book so I did some googling. Turns out there is 11 in the series. Being an avid book reader and lover I decided to order them and oh my goodness are they so good! I will say that book 1-10 is written for YA, and book 11 is written for Adults, but the books are so good I don't even care. I honestly kind of feel like I am reliving a piece of my childhood reading these books since I watched Princess Diaries when I was little.

4. The Book of the Month Club

Yes, two book related points but I am doing it because like I said I love books and I love to read. I stumbled upon the Book of the Month Club about two years ago and did a year of books before I stopped and I recently started back up again so I had to share. Every month I get an email and get to chose between five books to have one shipped to my door. I do have the option to get more books and also do have the option to skip a month and let me tell you, I LOVE THIS BOX. I have tried so many of those box of the month clubs and I just can't get behind them. I feel like they are such a waste because I never get something I would want or use but not with the Book of the Month Club. I get to chose exactly what book I am getting and because of it I have discovered so many books.

This month putting everything into one sentence was near impossible without making it a massive run on, so enjoy two! So get on Amazon and order yourself a Fujifilm Instax Mini, and The Princess Diaries book Series, then head over to Book of the Month Club and sign up. While you wait for your packages go ahead and binge New Girl.


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