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Kasper Wedding | Castle Farms | Charlevoix, Michigan

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

I have been looking forward to the Kasper wedding since Mike and Morgan booked last July. Literally have been counting down the days as we approached. I knew with Morgan being a wedding planner that every aspect of her and Mike's wedding was going to be stunning, but I was not prepared for just how incredible everything was, and how much I would be obsessed with it all!

I literally don't even know where to start since everything was so incredible, so I am just going to start with the venue. Morgan and Mike chose the most incredible venue, Castle Farms. Evan and I arrived early to walk the venue and decide on photo locations and we were just awestruck. Every single inch of Castle Farm's land is absolutely stunning and photo worthy. There was not a single place on the property I did not want to shoot. It was the perfect backdrop for portraits, and literally such a gorgeous space to have a wedding. The awestruck effect did not stop at the venue. Just wait until you see the photos of the reception and the ceremony. Morgan and Mike chose decorations that perfectly complimented the spaces and just made it pop. When I walked into the reception space my jaw dropped. Morgan and Mike chose the most gorgeous decorations between large florals, incredible garlands, candles galore, sheer table runners, the space felt so romantic and absolutely incredible. I could have photographed just the reception space all day, it literally felt like something off of the cover of Knot Magazine. This look continued into the ceremony space, and the arch Morgan and Mike were getting married under was covered with garland and maroon carnations. It was literally so dreamy and like something right off Pinterest. Combined with an aisle lined with lanterns and gorgeous florals all around it was stunning. Besides the incredible decorations there was the insanely stunning florals. Literally Morgan's bouquet was what dreams are made of, and I honestly could have just photographed it all day. It was the perfect compliment to Morgan's stunning custom dress, and the color palette for the whole wedding. There was not a single detail of this day that I was not totally in love with and that I could not have literally photographed the entire day. As you could probably tell after I just used the word stunning probably 900 times in this paragraph alone. But seriously this was a wedding that felt like something out of the Knot or a total dream. It was so incredible and fantastically done that I am truly at a loss for words to explain how much I loved it and how amazing Morgan did at creating a beautiful wedding.

Literally could talk about the decorations alone for the entire length of this blog post, but there was some other important aspects of the day, which comes down to the bridal party and family. Morgan and Mike chose the sweetest, and literally nicest bridal party I had ever met. The girls were so helpful with making sure Morgan's dress looked perfect and keeping her dry when we did the first look and it was absolutely pouring. They also spent the day checking on Evan and I making sure we had everything we needed and seeing if we needed a water, or something to eat. Literally I could have taken all these girls home with me, and they made Evan and I feel so welcomed and such a part of the wedding even thought we didn't actually know anyone. This continued with the guys. Several of them offered us waters, and also were so welcoming and friendly, it was seriously so sweet. They were truly one of the most welcoming bridal parties, and seriously so friendly that I could have spent the entire day with them. They also were all around humorous, providing a lot of laughs throughout the day, and literally were so excited for Morgan and Mike. They poured out so much love onto Morgan and Mike the entire day and they were so dang excited for them. It was so sweet to watch. Besides the bridal party, Morgan and Mike's family were seriously so sweet and such a pleasure to work with. Morgan chose to share a first look with her dad which had me in tears behind the camera as he cried seeing his little girl as a bride for the first time. Mom stood by watching, and crying over the sweet moment as it unfolded. Morgan then gave both her parents the sweetest sentimental gifts and the tears returned. This was carried into Mike's gift exchange with his parents, and then the ceremony and reception. It was just such an intimate and sweet moment for these two as their parents were both over the moon with excitement for these two to become husband and wife and to gain a son or daughter. Honestly both Morgan and Mike's parents were just so excited about the wedding and the marriage of their children. It was truly so sweet. I could tell that both sets of parents already saw Morgan or Mike as their son or daughter in law, and that they truly loved them with all of their hearts as if they were their own. It is not something I see at every wedding, and I am always so happy for my couples when this is the case.

Again I could talk about Morgan and Mike's sweet family and bridal party all day, but I am sure everyone is ready to hear about the new Mr and Mrs Kasper. There is so much I could say about Morgan and Mike, that I don't even know where to start. These two are so incredible together they truly leave me at a loss for words. As I watched and photographed Morgan and Mike throughout their wedding day, I could only truly think one thing. These two are the kind of couple that makes you believe in true love. That may sound cheesy, but it is so true. As I watched Mike tear up as Morgan walked down the aisle, and then the way these two look at each other I knew that these two were made to be together and made to love one another. While this is something I think at a lot of weddings. Mike and Morgan go above and beyond the level I normally think. These two are going to be the couple in the nursing home who still look into each other's eyes with love, and talk about how many years they have been married and how much they love each other. They are the kind of couple that no matter what life throws at them, they are going to come out on top and stronger than ever. They are the kind of couple that nothing will ever become between because these two love each other so insanely much. Basically they are like the stars of the best romance movie you ever made that makes you think I totally hope I can find someone who loves me half as much as these two love each other. These two have a love for each other and between them that I feel is so strong that most people don't even love someone else half as much as these two love each other. So yeah the wedding was totally incredible in every aspect. Sure the decorations were amazing, and the family was fantastic. The bridal party felt like a group of friends, Morgan was one of the most stunning brides I have ever seen, and Mike was one handsome groom. But this wedding was incredible because these two love each other so much and so fiercely and they became one and it was absolutely beautiful and I would be lying if I said I didn't tear up multiple times throughout their day.

Dream Team Vendors:

Venue: Castle Farms

Wedding Planner: Morgan Roberts of Wedding & Event Planning by Morgan Nicole, LLC and Andrea of Splendid Wedding Events

Videographer: Uncle Charlie

Catering: Grey Gables Restaurant and Catering

Wedding Dress: Unique Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses: David's Bridal

Men's Ware: Men's Warehouse

Florist: Magical I Do's

Cake Artist: Sugar Me Sweet Cake Shop

Hair Artist: The Last Tangle

Makeup Artist: The Last Tangle

DJ: Jeff with Nightlight Entertainment

Invites and Other Stationary: Created by the Bride

Officiant: Norther MI Ministers

Photo Booth: Nightlife Entertwainment

Decorator: Magical I Do's

Rental Supplier: Sweet Seats Chair Covers

Transportation: Mackinaw Shuttle Service

Pet Accommodations: Klooster Road Kennel Club

Flatware Rentals: Taylor Rental

Jeweler: Kays Jewelers

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