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This or That? Wedding Edition with Olivia

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

My sister and I have very different tastes, which is why when I ran into a game of this or that, the wedding edition I could not resist playing with her to see how our answers wavered! We even had so much fun that I pulled two other this or that with wedding questions so it would continue. I honestly could of told you most of my sister's answers right off the bat, and knew where we would disagree but it was seriously so entertaining to hear her justify her answers when I ask. So lets just into this game so you can have some good laughs over our dumb reasons why we chose what we did.

1. Mismatching or Matching Bridesmaids Dresses

A: Mismatching style wise for sure.

O: Mismatching styles so everyone can chose something that fits them.

2. Outside or Inside Ceremony

A: Inside, I do not want to be sweating outside in my dress, or being blown around by the wind.

O: Inside. Honestly just because of weather and I am an over worrier so that would be a situation.

3. Buffet or Plated Dinner

A: Buffet. Mainly because I want to have 900 options, and also because I want to be able to eat as much food as I want and not be limited.

O: Buffet. I do not like being told how big my servings are, I mean what if I want a ton of mashed potatoes and no peas.

4. Cupcakes or Cakes

A: Cupcakes. That way you can offer multiple flavors, and people don't have to wait for staff to cut the cake.

O: Cakes. I just prefer them.

5. Saturday or Other Day

A: Honestly I have no preference.

O: Any of them would be okay. Just depends on what venue I want and when I can have it.

6. Favors or No Favors

A: Favors. They are a chance to give a personal touch to your wedding, but they better be good otherwise everyone will leave them behind. O: None. I feel like it is just not that popular anymore and the money could go somewhere else.

7. Real Flowers or Foe Flowers

A: Real hands down. I just love the look of real ones, plus the smell! O:I like the look of real ones, and I feel like fake ones can look cheap.

8. Local or Destination

A: Destination. I have always wanted to get married somewhere else. O: Local. just so everyone important can be there.

9. Rustic or Urban Venue

A: Urban. Nothing about me says rustic, and I definitely want my wedding day to be like urban chic.

O: Rustic. I feel like that is just my vibe.

10. Tuxes or Suits

A: Tuxes all the way. Boujee. O: I don't honestly even know the difference. (I had to explain, then she chose suits.)

11. Veil or No Veil

A: Veil and the longer the better. I just literally love veils and the look of them. O: Veil. I like the traditional look of veils and think they are pretty, however I am not putting that thing over my face.

12. Kids or No Kids

A: No kids. I want a later wedding and it won't be conducive for kids anyways. O: No kids, minus mine. I just don't love kids at weddings.

13. Heels or Flats

A: Flats. My poor feet if I wore heels. O: Flats. My feet would hurt.

14. Choreographed First Dane or Natural

A: Natural. I just rather have a natural one. O: Natural. No way am I taking dance lessons.

15. Long or Short Bridesmaids Dresses

A: Long. They are more elegant then short and I definitely am going for elegant some day.

O: Long. We are not going to semi formal, we are going to a wedding.

16. Church or Non Church Ceremony

A: Church. It is really important to me, however probably won't have one if I have a destination wedding. O: Church ceremony. I just like the church feel and that is important to me.

17. First Look or Wait Till Ceremony

A: First look. As a photographer I see way too many advantages to them not to do them. O: This is one I struggle with. Part of me says the ceremony because everyone sees the reaction, but then a first look is nice because there is no space between the ceremony and reception. To be honest, I'm undecided.

18. Parents Wearing the Wedding Colors or Whatever Color They Want

A: Wearing the wedding colors. It looks best in photos in my opinion. O: Definitely wearing the wedding colors, but not matchy matchy with the bridal party.

19. Traditional Vows or Handwritten Vows A: Handwritten. I wanna cry my eyes out. O: Handwritten. More sentimental.

20. Seating Chart or Free Seating

A: Seating Chart. I'm too OCD to not have one. O: Seating Chart. It won't be awkward then for people who don't know each other or don't know where to sit.

21. Hair Up or Hair Down

A: Up. My hair will not stay styled down, my natural curls would take over. O: Hair Up. I definitely look better with my hair up.

22. Small or Large Wedding

A: Small. More personable and intimate. O: Small. Definitely more personable.

23. Normal Cake Flavor or Different

A: Well I am having cupcakes so a mix for sure. However if I have to pick I'd go normal. O: Normal. I freaking love chocolate cake.

24. Small or Large Bridal Party

A: Well I want 6. Is that small? O: Small. I only want people who are important to me.

25. Open Bar or Cash Bar

A: A combo. Wine and beer are definitely open, but mixed drinks probably cash. I lean more towards open though. O: Cash. People are less likely to get totally black out drunk then.

26. Monotone or Multicolor Flowers

A: Monotone. I want them to be pale pinks, whites, and greenery. O: Monotone. It definitely fits more of the vibe I want.

27. Tie or Bowtie

A: Bowtie. I just like the look of them. O: Tie. I like the more elegant look.

28. Bridal Party Table or Sweetheart Table

A: Sweetheart and then a table for the bridal party. I want one on one time with my husband. O: Sweetheart. That way if the bridal party brings a plus one, they won't have that awkward moment of not knowing where to sit.

29. Short Engagement or Long Engagement

A: Short. I won't want to wait too long. O: Short. Long gives me too much time to be indecisive.

30. One Wedding Band or Two

A: One. I want a pear shaped diamond so they have to sit below to look good and two would be too many. O: Two. Has to be symmetrical on my finger.

I was actually pleasantly surprised how similar some of our answers were, and it was really a great bonding experience for us to talk all things weddings for an hour. Plus at some of her responses I was so cracked up. I seriously encourage you to play this with a good friend, sibling, or even mom.


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