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Wedding Gift Ideas for Grooms

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

This is actually something I include in my Wedding Experience magazine as I often receive a lot of questions about it. However I realize that some people who read my blog aren't brides and grooms of mine, and that some of my brides and grooms misplace their magazine and can't remember what was on that page. Therefore I decided to blog wedding gift ideas for grooms, as well as brides which was up last week so go check that out!

Now this list was compiled off of gifts I have seen given the most at weddings, however if you want to go outside of the list, I would highly encourage it. However these are just gifts I have seen given time and time again and grooms are always super happy to receive them! Plus some of them are the traditional gifts that your parents might have even given each other on their wedding day.

1. A Watch

The most traditional and common wedding gift given, however also the most treasures. He will think of your wedding day every time he puts it on or looks at his wrist. Odds are this is something he will wear every single day, so definitely worth the investment.

2. Little Black Book

Over half of my brides chose to do a boudoir session which includes a little black book to give to their husbands. I love photographing grooms opening their books. They get so excited and often provide hilarious expressions, plus it also gets him even more excited for the wedding night and the honeymoon.

3. Hand Written Letters

The quickest way to bring tears to your groom's eyes. Tell her why you wanted to marry him or simply how much you love him. This is a note he will hold on to forever. This is another popular idea, but seriously it is the sweetest and the photographs I have taken of grooms as they read their letters are always some of my favorites.

4. Cuff Links

Another traditional and treasured wedding gift. These cuff links will look 10x better than the cheap ones the suit store provided and make your wedding look all that more high end. A big bonus if they are personalized. He can also use these in years to come.

5. Something He Can Take on the Honeymoon

In the chaos of wedding planning, chances are he forgot something. He will appreciate how thoughtful you were to pick up his favorite snacks, magazine, or new book for the long plan ride ahead of you two.

Hopefully this list will help guide you as you pick a gift for your handsome groom!


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