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Natalie and Conner | IPFW and Marion Hills Farm | Fort Wayne, Indiana

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

I hope you are prepared for a super bias blog post because this happens to be my cousin and his gorgeous fiancé. I have also been waiting for them to get engaged for quite awhile now so was just a little excited when they got engaged and I was one of the first people to know. Was also just a little excited when they asked me to be their wedding photographer, and by a little I mean a lot. I literally thought about jumping up and down in excitement when they asked, but I refrained. Either way I am seriously over the moon that these two are getting married and that I get to be their wedding photographer.

While I am extremely bias, Natalie and Conner are seriously one of the cutest couples ever. They both have the prettiest blue eyes, the sweetest smiles, and lets be real, perfectly tanned skin, like how do I achieve that golden glow? But seriously these two are so stinking adorable together, I can't even handle it. These two are also the sweetest people in the world. I do not see Conner a ton, but every time I do it is a big hug and he wants to know everything going on, and asks about all my family and same with Natalie. Natalie asked all about my niece, and my recent travels, and always makes you feel so important and loved. These two are seriously the type that you just want to spend all your time with and make your very best friends. Basically the cutest and sweetest couple to ever exist and I am seriously so thankful to not only be related to these two (well almost), and to be their wedding photographer. So if anyone needs me I am going to be anxiously awaiting next October.

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