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Perrington Wedding | Concordia Lutheran and The Orchid | Fort Wayne, Indiana

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

2019 has been a year of seriously stunning weddings, and the Perrington Wedding was no exception. I knew this wedding was going to be stunning after hearing Gaby and Michael's wedding plans, but seriously I could not have asked for a more gorgeous wedding to be starting off my August weddings with. I have been looking forward to shooting Gaby and Michael's wedding since they booked. These two are a super sweet couple, who is so full of life and energy and always such a good time to be around, so I knew their wedding was going to be filled with a whole lot of celebration and was going to be a good time.

Upon arriving I started with shooting details which is always a favorite thing of mine. Gaby and Michael had some seriously gorgeous details. Gaby's flowers were absolutely stunning. Gaby's ring is breathtaking, and Gaby's shoes may be my favorite bridal shoes I have ever photographed. Seriously they were so incredible. The groomsmen had custom cufflinks which I also adored. These details carried throughout the day with the entire wedding being covered in gorgeous florals. Seriously always a dream when a wedding has a ton of florals. Gaby and Michael also had stunning centerpieces at their reception, as well as small beautiful details there between the rose petals on the tables to the cake table covered in candles. Seriously every little detail of this wedding was seriously gorgeous and was a photographers dream. Beside the small details Gaby and Michael chose and absolutely gorgeous color palette of blush and grey. If you know me, you know how much I love blush. Gaby also had one of my favorite bridal dresses to date. Seriously every inch of this dress was incredible and so beautiful, just wait till you see the photos of it. But the bridesmaid's dresses were also stunning, and the florals just complimented it all. Seriously every little detail of this wedding was seriously gorgeous and was a photographers dream.

Outside of the details, the overall day was totally gorgeous as we seriously had perfect weather, and a perfect bridal party. All of the bridesmaids were so hands on in making sure the day ran smoothly, but also that Gaby looked her absolute best. Everyone helped her get into her dress, making sure every layer of tulle was smoothed out. They all helped her with her jewelry, shoes, and garters. They continued being so hands on into photos, fluffing her dress when needed, making sure every layer of tulle was laying perfectly, and that her veil was falling just right. One of the bridemaid's boyfriends was also a huge help and got tacos for all the girls since they were hungry which we of course had to capture in a photo. These bridesmaids were seriously the MVP of the wedding, and so much help during photos with the dress. Could not have asked for a sweeter set of girls to spend the day with. They also made sure the dance floor stayed full, and everyone was having a good time. The guys were equally helpful at the reception, and were so entertaining during photos. They kept everyone laughing and smiling, and were all equally helpful during photos offering to hold bouquets, and shoes as needed. I have literally never had a bridal party that was so helpful and so sweet. They were just such a joy to spend time with and I am so thankful to have worked with this amazing bunch.

At the center of this day was Gaby and Michael, and seriously I could not have picked a better match if I tried. These two are so sweet together, always laughing, always full of smiles. They compliment each other in every way, and just constantly shower each other with love. The pastor at Concordia Lutheran asks them to list five things they love about each other when he meets with them individually and then on their wedding day reads them during the ceremony. As I listened to Pastor Doug read the five things they loved most about each other, I found myself thinking that everyone should find someone who they could say those things about. Gaby and Michael's list was so much deeper then their smile, or the way they laugh. It included characteristics about their partner that showed how much they cared and loved on the other and I literally pray that all of my couples find someone they can say that exact list about. I was just casually taking photos and tearing up and that list just reiterated how perfect these two are together and how in love they are. Gaby and Michael truly married their best friend, and I could not be any more honored to have been their wedding photographer.

Dream Team Vendors:

Church: Concordia Lutheran

Venue: The Orchid

Wedding Dress: One Fine Day

Bridesmaids Dresses: Wendy's Bridal

Men's Suits: Men's Warehouse

Florist: Armstrong Florist

Cake Artist: Halls Takes The Cake

DJ: Three Rivers Entertainment

Invites and Other Stationary: Classic Graphics

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