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10 Things About Velvet

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

If you follow me on any social media, you have no doubt at least seen Velvet once. If you follow me on my personal Instagram you probably see Velvet every day as she is constantly on my stories and I have 2 highlights dedicated to her. But honestly what can you expect from someone who owns the fuzziest and cutest golden retriever in the world. (Bias)

Everyone seems to always love seeing Velvet so I thought I would dedicate this Abbey Monday to 10 Things or Facts about Velvet. Of course I included a collection of pictures throughout the post too because it would be unfair to talk about how cute and fuzzy she is without showing you a few pictures! Honestly the hardest part of this blog post was choosing which photos to share because I have at least 900000. Enjoy!

1. Velvet loves food. Literally there is not a single human food that she will not devour in 5 seconds flat. Her favorites are cheese, carrots, popsicles, and chicken. Yes she is a weird dog and loves to eat carrots. However her love for food has prompted her to eat a few things she shouldn't. One time she ripped a popsicle stick out of my hands and swallowed it before I even realized what happened. She has also ate cheese in the wrapper before.

2. When Velvet was a puppy she liked to be carried around like a child. Seriously she would put her legs on both sides of your hips, her arms around your neck, and let you carry her around for hours. It was one of her favorite things to do, which meant not a lot got done around the house. She also quickly went from being easy to carry to your arms being on fire within five minutes. We haven't tried to carry her in years as she is way too heavy, but I always wonder if she would still love it.

3. Although Velvet may look extremely photogenic, she hates photos. You have to bribe her to take a photo otherwise she will literally turn her face away from the camera the second she figures out you are taking her picture. As you can see in the photo above she was not looking at the camera.

4. Velvet loves to be outside. She literally runs to the door at the mention of the word outside. She loves to roll in the grass, walk around our whole yard, sun bathe, and people watch. I think her favorite is rolling in the yard, but since moving to a neighborhood she loves being on the front porch and watching the neighbor kids play outside.

5. Velvet was named Velvet because when we went to see her as a puppy we thought she felt like Velvet. However it has lead to us joking that if we ever got another dog we would have to name it a fabric like cotton, or suede.

6. There is nothing Velvet won't tolerate. Literally. We have dressed Velvet in clothes, put shoes on her, hats, scarfs, headbands, you name it. She will allow you to do anything, especially if you promise a cookie (treat) afterwards.

7. Velvet loves to cuddle. As you can see in the picture above she often falls asleep with one of her several rabbits under her arms. If not a rabbit, you can find her asleep with her blanket, or curled up on the floor with my mom. She loves to fall sleep cuddling something or someone.

8. Velvet loves to swim! We have a lake house and when we take her up there and take her for a walk, she literally drags you to the dog beach. She loves running around in the water, and will even put her head underwater and blow bubbles with her nose. However she is 8 and a half so we have to limit her swimming or she gets too tired for the walk home.

9. Velvet used to hate putting her head out the window in the car, but in the last year she suddenly learned to love it. We think it is so strange that she used to hate it and now would do it for hours if you allowed her. But if you put her in the car and don't open the window, she basically pouts and glares at you until you do. It makes driving long distances a little rough as she is usually pretty grumpy if the window isn't down.

10. Velvet has many nicknames. We call her Velz, Velvey, Fuzz Butt, Fuzz, Elvet, and many more. Her most popular nickname is Velvey, but she also gets called Fuzz Butt quite a lot as she is just a big ball of fuzz.

Literally I could go on for days with things to tell you about Velvet. In fact as I was writing this I had to restrain myself as I was quickly thinking of many more things I could tell you! There is just so many wonderful things about Velvet, and silly facts to enjoy. But I hope you enjoyed the 10 I did give and pay close attention to the blog as I am sure Velvet will make another appearance.


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