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My Favorite Photo Locations In Fort Wayne For Engagement Sessions

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

I have brides constantly asking me where I recommend for engagement photos, and after sending that email with my recommendations about 100 times, I realized how helpful it would be if I had a blog post that I could just attach instead of typing it all out. Obviously choosing a location for your engagement photos can be hard and stressful. You have a look you want, but you aren't sure what location around Fort Wayne is going to give you that look. So I have compiled a list of my favorite locations, as well as a photo for each, and a link to any blog posts that contain photos there so you have lots of options to look through!

Later this year I hope to do my favorite photo locations in some other cities I shoot in a lot, but due to probably 60% of my shooting taking place in Fort Wayne, I wanted to start here!

Downtown Fort Wayne

Obviously if you are looking for a more urban look to your engagement photos or wedding photos downtown Fort Wayne is the place to go! Downtown Fort Wayne definitely offers a unique look to everyones session as there are so many different locations to shoot at and enjoy. I personally love shooting at the mural walls around downtown as well as in front of Lincoln Financial. Downtown Fort Wayne also offers the gorgeous Headwaters Park which overlooks the city and is great for getting you a mix between urban and nature.

Sessions Shot Here: Lindsey and Graham

Rita and James

Brittney and Josh

Chase and Trista

Salomon Farms

This is my favorite nature/park location and for a lot of reasons. Salomon Farms offers so many background options between the barn, wild grass fields, the stones, the farm house, and so much more. This location gives you the feel and look of 6 locations wrapped into one. It is also absolutely stunning year round and is a great location to get the gorgeous fall foliage in the fall.

Sessions Shot Here: Lauren and Jimmy

Taylor and Paul

Caitlin and Seth

Olivia and Nick

Gaby and Michael

Foster Park

I do not shoot here a ton, but every time I do I think I NEED TO SHOOT HERE MORE. Foster Park is so stinking gorgeous and is such a great nature-y location. It also offers a ton of different background which can give you the feel of multiple locations in one location, and it absolutely stunning for golden light sessions as the park sits perfectly for sunset.

Sessions Shot Here: Ashley and James


While IPFW may seem like it has 0 good photo locations, there is actually a hidden gem right near their soccer fields. Every time I take couples here they say how they had no idea something this gorgeous was at IPFW, which is why it is one of my favorite locations. I love little hidden locations that people don't think about and that aren't as overcrowded as the popular locations. This location also offers a lot of different looks between the trails in woods, the tall grass, the barn, and so much more.

Sessions Shot Here: Katie and Bobby

Sara and Erik

Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens is such a great location for my brides looking for a lush green location in the dead of winter. I understand not everyone wants snowy pictures, but you sometimes need to get your engagement session done so Botanical is the perfect place for you. Offering three different rooms, a seasonal room, the rainforest, and the desert. There is a lot of variety to be had. The only downfall is they keep this place toasty, so be weary of wearing a huge thick sweater.

Sessions Shot Here: Hayley and Ben

Keirsten and Andrew

Private Property

While most people may be looking for a park or somewhere downtown, I highly encourage you to think of any land your family may own. You may be scratching your head saying why, but private property sessions are always some of my favorites. The main reason being literally no one else has photos taken there, so it is so unique. Another reason is because often the location is special to you two! I have done sessions on grandparents property, parents property, and even the bride and grooms property. It is definitely something to think of and look into.

Sessions Shot Here: Nikki and Tristian

Bailey and Daniel

So I hope this list of locations has helped you narrow down your choices a few and now you are feeling way better have crossed off picking an engagement session location off your list!


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