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Meg and CJ | The Blue Bridge | Grand Rapids, Michigan

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

A few weeks ago, my second shooter, Evan and I shot a wedding in Grand Rapids and totally fell in love. The area is absolutely gorgeous. We didn't have to miss it for long because the next weekend we were headed back to photograph Meg and Cj's engagement session and we were so dang excited. Not only were we getting another chance to spend time in Grand Rapids, but we were also going to be shooting at such an iconic location right in Downtown Grand Rapids, The Blue Bridge. What we didn't know at the time was that the area surrounding The Blue Bridge offers so much more then just a gorgeous bridge! It offers a gorgeous walkway right down by the river, huge stones that are perfect for placing couples on that provide a gorgeous view of the bridge and so much more. Seriously The Blue Bridge is going down as one of my favorite engagement session locations ever. So I will be finding another excuse to shoot there asap.

Obviously besides being in total awe of the location, I also totally adored Meg and CJ. First off this couple is sooooo stinking adorable together. Seriously. What a dreamy couple. Definitely getting Barbie and Ken vibes, that is how stinking cute together they are. They also had some seriously cute outfits, so you will definitely catch them in my engagement outfit guide. But besides how adorable these two are they are also two of the sweetest people. We bonded so much during their session over the fact that Meg and CJ totally love Grand Rapids as much as Evan and I did. Meg and I also bonded over the fact that one of my friends from high schooler is a co-worker of hers and that we both have education degrees. Overall we spend so much time laughing and chatting about anything and everything. They gave us fantastic recommendations of places to go in Grand Rapids, and they even met at Evan and I's favorite bar in Grand Rapids, which is where we were going to head after the session. Such a coincidence but something that just made me love them even more. They are just the kind of couple I could of spent hours with.

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