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Smith Wedding | Sylvan Cellars | Rome City, Indiana

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Honestly I knew walking into Hayley and Ben's wedding that it was going to be a good day, but I wasn't prepared for just how amazing this wedding would be. Little moments throughout the day being shared between the bride and groom and their family making this a wedding that I spent a lot of time tearing up at. Gorgeous details throughout the day completing the wedding in every way. A bridal party who celebrated the bride and groom the entire day, and kept everyone with smiles on their face. Literally everything came together so beautifully for the perfect day for Hayley and Ben as they became husband and wife.

I have been anxiously awaiting the Smith wedding as I was very excited to be a part of this big day. But as I said I knew it was going to be good, but this wedding was above and beyond. Upon arriving Hayley greeted me with the biggest smile and you could tell she was excited to finally become Ben's wife. Her mom and grandmother buttoned her into her dress which was the sweetest thing in the world watching the two women Hayley was closest with preparing her for her big day. This was followed by the sweetest first look with both Ben's daughter Emma, and then Hayley's bridesmaids. Emma beamed as she told Hayley she was the most beautiful bride she had ever seen. Her bridesmaids then dropped their jaws as they finally saw Hayley in her dress. The topper on the cake was Hayley exchanging gifts with her parents and then her parents praying over their daughter. Their last prayer over their daughter before she walked down the aisle to her husband. Seriously was holding back tears in this moment. Only an hour into the day and this wedding was perfect beyond measure.

The first hour was followed by seven more incredible hours. Hayley and Ben shared a first look where Ben smiled from ear to ear as he saw Hayley for the first time in her dress. They then exchanged letters with each other about how much they loved each other and their excitement over their big day. Seriously one of the sweetest moments which was followed by their bride and groom portraits. Another sweet moment shared during the day was between Emma, Hayley, and Ben. Hayley and Ben took part in a unity ceremony where they closed a lock that will hang on a sign made especially for the two. They then invited Emma to place an additional lock on the sign to signify them becoming a family of three. Cue the tears from the family. Ben also shared a father daughter dance with Emma during their reception, which oh my goodness was literally the sweetest thing in the world. Hayley's parents also shared several sweet moments throughout the day with their daughter as Hayley's mom came out for photos to help place Hayley's dress. Hayley's mom also stood watching her daughter and husband dance together for their father daughter dance with tears in her eyes. Cherishing every moment of her daughter's big day. Literally Hayley and Ben's wedding was filled with so many sweet moments that brought tears to my eyes. Their family just cherishing every moment as Ben and Emma became a part of it all.

Besides all the sweet little moments, there was an amazing bridal party that I absolutely adored. Seriously the girls were all so sweet and did everything they can to make Hayley's day perfect. Between offering to help during photos, to offering to do anything I needed for photos, to getting Hayley water, and a fan, to making sure the boys were ready to go. The girls were seriously so much help in this day running smoothly. The guys provided quite a lot of entertainment between the jokes during photos, to the killer dance moves (seriously I was dying over the dance moves), to the best man speech, they were basically the ultimate Hype team. Seriously though the best man's speech was one of the best I have ever heard. Mainly because it included Tupac lyrics.

While the wedding was filled with sweet little moments there still was the big moment of the day, Hayley and Ben became husband and wife. These two are seriously such a sweet couple. I know I always say that but seriously, these two just have the biggest hearts. They are the kind of people that just put a smile on your face, who care more about others than themselves. Seriously these two are just such good people, and so good together. They both absolutely radiated the entire day, smiling ear to ear every time they looked at each other. Cherishing every moment of their day together. Two people so completely in love and so present on their wedding day. Literally could not have asked for a more gorgeous day for two incredible people. Kind of sad it is all over.

Dream Team Vendors:

Venue: Sylvan Cellars

Wedding Dress: I Do Bridal Boutique

Bridesmaids Dresses: David's Bridal

Florist: Hayley Passwater

Cake Artist: Sassy Cakes

DJ: MnM Sounds

Save the Dates: Shutterfly

Invites and Other Stationary: Spencer Passwater

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