July Travels!

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

I know the last few travel posts have been filled with weekends away, however July was the time that traveling slowed down for me, and I was definitely okay with a month off less travel. While I really love traveling, I love also having a weekend at home! Therefore this is going to be a little less lengthy, and a little less travel filled. But definitely still a good month! Traveling reminds less as we head into the fall just due to the fact of weddings. I have a few weddings I am traveling for, but mostly shooting in and around Fort Wayne, so I do not have time to do as many weekends away of shoots! Therefore I am unsure if traveling posts will really continue just due to this fact, but they may! Who knows!

The first weekend in July was definitely one filled with travel. If you read June travels you know the last weekend I was in Wisconsin. Well I came home Sunday from Wisconsin and headed straight to our lake. A much needed break. Then I drove home Friday so I could turn around Saturday morning and head off to Grand Rapids for a wedding. Definitely a slight bit of chaos as I packed and unpacked five times in less then a week, but oh so worth it! In Grand Rapids, Evan and I had the pleasure of shooting the Williams Wedding! We shoot the bridal party photos right in downtown Grand Rapids and it was absolutely gorgeous! Post wedding we found a really awesome 4 story bar, which had everything from pool to ping pong to arcade games to a comedy club. We had such a blast hanging there after the wedding and playing 900 rounds of pool. We are both very competitive. The next day we woke up bright and early to travel to New Buffalo to photograph an engagement session. However we first had to make a stop at Target. We were going to be shooting on the beach, and planned on staying after but both managed to forget to pack sunscreen and towels. Also the packing and unpacking got to me, and I packed a brand new pair of shorts to wear Sunday and no backup assuming they would fit even though I had never tried them on. Big mistake! They were so impossible to get on and so incredibly tight that I had to buy a new outfit at Target to wear. I bought a really cute cheetah dress that I love, but I will never make the mistake of only packing something new again! After our session we hung out at the beach. Again a mistake. I wore SPF 70 and Evan wore nothing and we both burnt to a literal crisp. I peeled for 3 weeks, and still have super weird tan lines from the way I was laying. However it was still a blast even if I cried every time I showered for a few days.

The second weekend in July was filled with engagement sessions and on the road action! First we headed to downtown Detroit to shoot a gorgeous engagement session right in the heart of the street art in Detroit. I was literally obsessed because you probably already know I am obsessed with Detroit. The second we got to the car after the session Evan and I started planning when we could go to Detroit and shoot some personal photos because it was incredible! We then made our way to Holly for two more sessions before heading to Grand Rapids for our final one of the day. 6 and a half hours of driving but well worth it. We shot at a gorgeous park in Holly, and right in downtown Grand Rapids at the Blue Bridge. We then of course had to head back to our favorite bar we had discovered the week before. Our couple we photographed in Grand Rapids asked us our plans and when we told them we found out they actually met at that bar! How crazy is that! The next day we just slept in, ate an amazing, lunch and headed home. However we did see a private plane crash on the way home! How crazy is that!

The third weekend in July included no travel, and a much needed break from work.

The fourth weekend in July was not really filled with travel as I only headed 45 minutes to Rome City to shoot the Smith Wedding. However it was an incredible wedding and if you have the chance you should definitely head over to the blog and read the post!

While July was not as crazy, it was definitely as full between 6 engagement sessions, two weddings, and my niece's newborn session I stayed busy! August is going to bring some equal chaos and I am so ready!!


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