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Bre and Cody | Indian Springs Metro Park | Holly, Michigan

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

I swear this year has been filled with photographing so many amazing couples that I absolutely adore and Bre and Cody are no exception! These two were absolutely amazing to work with. First off they chose a seriously gorgeous location. I mean the big trees, the lush tall wild grass, the cute little stone wall, literally could not think of a more gorgeous location for an engagement session. Bre told me they even had weddings here, HELLO gorgeous wedding venue. Seriously someone get married here and hire me. But it was seriously the perfect location for Bre and Cody's engagement session.

Besides the location, which I am still not over, Bre and Cody were all around amazing to work with. Bre and I bonded over the fact that we both have teaching degrees, and talked about her job as a teacher. Cody told us all about his job, and his travels for work. They were seriously such an easy couple to talk to and bond with during their engagement session. Besides the fact that I totally adored them as individuals, I also adored them as a couple. Bre and Cody are seriously totally adorable together and are so giggly which is seriously my favorite quality for a couple to have. They both just radiate with joy when they are around each other, making my job such a breeze because they are just so natural with each other.

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