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I Am An Aunt!

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

LITERALLY BLOG POST OF THE YEAR! Just kidding, but also not kidding at all.

Since my sister called my mom and I last October to tell us she was pregnant, I have been anxiously awaiting this day. Thankfully the days leading up to my sister's due date went by quickly, and due to high blood pressure my niece made her arrival three weeks early. But waiting eight months was rather long, and definitely made me 1000x more excited for my niece to come.

On July 20th, they decided to induce my sister, so in she went to the hospital. However things initially progressed slowly which meant the next day was spent in her room holding her hand, or fanning her with the room service pamphlet, watching her be so strong and labor through it all with no pain meds. My sister is truly one of the strongest women I know and it was proven as I watched her go through contraction after contraction with steady breathing and remaining absolutely calm. Literally they call birth a miracle, and it sure felt like it. I stepped out as she finished her last few contractions and my niece was born, but the second she was I received a text I could come back into the room, and the waterworks started. I walked into the room where my sister was holding the sweetest little bundle with the darkest, fullest, head of hair, and I absolutely lost it. I cried my eyes out literally. Makeup running down my face as I hugged my sister and hold her how proud I was and saw my niece for the first time. I am crying just writing about it. I have literally never loved someone so instantly. They say being an aunt is the best because it is like being a mom without the hormones and the sleep deprivation and oh is it true.

Harper Monroe, now a month old, is literally the love of our family's lives. She is the prettiest baby ever (bias), and also the best baby ever. She sleeps all the time, and barely ever cries. She has spent a lot of time with me in my office editing photos, which let me tell you when you are holding Harper it is hard to get anything done. I take a break every five minutes just to look at her and her sweet face. Literally totally in love with her in every way. She may not talk but I know she loves me back based on the fact she smiles constantly when I talk to her, always stops crying when I hold her, and falls asleep quickest in my arms. She also loves having her photo taken and is literally such a little model in front of the camera. She currently dominates my camera roll, and I find myself taking at least a 100 pictures every time I see her. I literally love watching this little one grow, and it is seriously the best thing in the world to be her Aunt Abbey.

Literally could ramble about her for hours, but I will spare you, and let you obsess over the pictures. I literally have taken 9000000 but promised my sister I would only share one for Harper's first blog post... Literally be on the lookout because I am going to convince her to let me do a massive blog post of all the cute photos I have taken of Harper.


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