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What I Am Currently Loving: July Edition

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

It is time for July's What I am Currently Loving, and boy do I have some good things for you!

1. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish.

If you know me, you know that I love painting my nails. So this means I have tried a lot of different nail polishes, and attempted to find the best. One that looks pretty and lasts long term, however unless I went to the nail salon and did Gel, nothing worked for me in the past. However I recently discovered Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish, and let me tell you, IT LASTS FOREVER. I am super tough in my nails, like I dug through sand at the beach with this polish on tough, and it never chipped. This nail polish is literally the best I have ever used, and may or may not have binge purchased a few last week.

2. My Fringe Notebook

If you know me, literally always start these out with that statement, but anyways. If you know me, you know I definitely love buying office related goodies. Notebooks, pens, organizers, binders, paper clips, you name it. Anything that makes me feel like I am being organized, or could get something done, is something I want to purchase. Obviously this can get expensive so I try not to buy anything very often, and avoid Office Depot like it is the plague. However a few weeks ago I was at Marshall's and noticed their notebook and notepad section was overflowing. I immediately rushed over to look. I have literally about 15 notepads, and definitely do not need another notebook, so I hoped they would have ones I didn't like, which tends to be the norm. Instead I found a leather cover spiral notebook and fell in love. It is soft and gushy, yet as large as a normal notebook, and the cover just feels like a little bit of leather heaven. I immediately rushed home and started using it and I am totally obsessed. I literally can not wait to fill it, so I have an excuse to buy another one.

3. Rosie June Earrings

I know that I have technically been wearing Rosie June Earrings for several months, but I took a break from statement earrings for a while. However when July 4th came around I could not resist whipping out my giant sparkly star earrings, and realized how much I love statement earrings, so I binge ordered quite a few and refuse to wear anything else. Rosie June happens to be my favorite site to order earrings from because a) they add new things every week, and b) they are affordable! I have way too many pairs, and every time they release a new line I have to hold myself back.

4. My Lap Desk

This may seem like the dumbest thing to you, but seriously I am highly obsessed with my lap desk. Since my sister had my niece, my niece and sister have been spending a lot of time at my house. Which means I way rather be holding my niece, or hanging and binging Netflix with my sister then work. Usually using the excuse that putting my laptop on my lap was too hard while I watched TV. However now that I have my lap desk, I literally do so much work when I am sitting on the couch and it is amazing. It no longer gives me an excuse of "it's uncomfortable" or "I can't keep it flat" or "it's too hot to sit on the couch." I get work done from the couch constantly!

5. Mac Mini Watermelon Prep and Prime Spray

If you know me then you know I am pretty religious about my use of Mac Prep and Prime Spray. As a makeup junkie I am obsessed with it. It is the best on the market. However they recently released a limited edition line of Minis. My mom showed them to me and I mentioned how much I wanted the watermelon. However I over ordered accidentally last time, and have two full sized ones I am working through. My mom got a package the other day and said she had a surprise for me. She ordered the watermelon one, and OH MY GOSH, it literally smells like heaven. I could wear it as perfume. So run, do not walk, to Mac and get one!

I swear every month ends up having the weirdest combo of things which makes it hard to fit all into one sentence, but I think I got this one! So grab a lap desk, paint your nails, get online and order a pair of Rosie June Earrings and Mac Mini Watermelon Prep and Prime Spray, and a Fringe Notebook. WOO, proud of that one! Abigail

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