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Benefits of Friday and Sunday Weddings

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

If you are like I was before I became a wedding photographer, you find it strange that anyone would consider getting married on a day other than Saturday. I mean, I used to think that was what everyone got married on a Saturday. But quickly I realized that Friday and Sunday weddings are quite popular and there is actually some huge advantages to them! So many, that I have no doubt that when I get engagement some day, I will highly consider choosing a day other then Saturday, and here is 5 reasons why!

1. Venue Availabilty

Like I said, almost everyone wants to get married on a Saturday, meaning some venues book Saturdays for 2+ years out. If you have a venue that you want to get married at and don't book quickly you can be waiting 2+ years for your wedding! I don't know about you, but 2 years is way to long for me. Picking a Friday or Sunday can open up your opinions tremendously! My best friend got engaged fall of 2018, and wanted to get married fall of 2019 at her dream venue. They were booked for Saturdays through fall 2021! She decided on a Friday because who wants to plan a wedding for that long.

2. Vendor Availability

If you have a dream team in mind, and are getting married on what is considered a "prime date" (a date that is going to be highly desired), changes are vendors are going to be booked, especially if you don't book asap. For example as a photographer my 2020 Saturday availability is quickly shrinking. However my Fridays and Sundays are wide open, meaning if you have specific vendors in mind you are more likely to find that they are available by choosing a Friday or Sunday wedding.

3. Venues Often Offer Discounts

A good majority of venues offer discounts to brides and grooms getting married on Fridays and Sundays. For example a venue in town costs $5000 to get married there on a Saturday. But on Sunday it is only $3000. So if you have a dream venue and the price is just out of budget consider moving it to Friday or Sunday. Or if you are looking to save a few dollars, ie $2000, chose a Friday or a Sunday. Think of the things you could add to your wedding with $2000 extra dollars.

4. You Can Start Early or Party Late

Choosing a Friday or Sunday gives you a little more flexibility. If you love to party and are total night owls, Friday may be a good option for you. Often Friday weddings start later, and go later meaning partying all night long. However on the flip if you wanted to do a brunch meal at your wedding, or an early afternoon ceremony so you can head out bright and early on Monday for your honeymoon, Sunday may be a good option for you.

5. Work Schedule

This is definitely more of a pro for a Sunday wedding but it was too good not to share. Often times, most people can not take off a ton of days from work. Leaving you having to take a shorter honeymoon, and make your rehearsal late Friday evening. However if you chose a Sunday wedding, no one will have to take off for rehearsal, making one more day you and your fiancé could take off for your honeymoon. I know this was a big reason why one of my 2019 couples chose a Sunday. She could only take 5 days off, and it was more convenient to get married on Sunday so they could take a full honeymoon, and not miss work for the rehearsal.

So I hope these 5 reasons help you decide if a Friday or Sunday wedding may be right for you! Let me tell you, honestly in the end if you find yourself struggling against the traditional Saturday, and going with a different day for any of the above reasons, throw tradition out the window. No one will even be bothered that you chose to get married on a different day!


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