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June Travels

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I have been out of town a good majority of weekends throughout April, May and June. Seriously my schedule is nuts right now. Gone most weekend, and shoving everything I can during the week so I can be gone all weekend. It may sound crazy, and it is, but I wouldn't change it for the world. Traveling is the best, even if it is just around the midwest. So since we are finished with June I decided to share my travels over this month! I spent most of the month traveling with my second shooter, and one of my closest friends Evan, so just assume if I say we that's who I am talking about! Overall June brought a lot of fun and joy, and you are about to hear why.

The first weekend in June I actually had the pleasure of shooting in Fort Wayne. I photographed the Fogarty wedding, and then spent Saturday hosting my sister's baby shower. It was the only weekend in June without any traveling, and it was one of the best.

The second weekend I had the pleasure of traveling to Lansing and South Bend for two engagement sessions. In Lansing, I photographed Matt and Marah in the prettiest park that I wish we had here in Fort Wayne. We then traveled over to South Bend to stay the night, and explore the city. We rented Lime Scooters and road all over Notre Dame's gorgeous campus. We both went to a casino for the first time, and he won a few hundred dollars, while I lost $25. So basically not a fan of casinos. We also went bowling, and just all around had so much fun experiencing South Bend. I have been dying to ride a Lime Scooter since we tried when we were in Cincinnati in April so basically all my scooter dreams came true. However due to the weather our engagement session was canceled, but we did get to enjoy a really good lunch so all in all it was a great weekend.

The third weekend I was lucky enough to have off, and spent at our family lake house. It is so relaxing up there, and I left everything work related at home so I could take the five days we had up there and really relax. Unfortunately we did not have the best weather, it was 57 and rainy the whole weekend, but I was able to read a really good book, and take some much needed naps. I also, of course, enjoyed spending the time with my parents.

The fourth weekend in June was seriously the best weekend and it had nothing to do with travels. My family welcomed my precious little niece Harper Monroe on Friday, and boy was it emotionally. But you will hear all about that in a few weeks when I blog my "I'm an aunt!" post. Saturday I spent in Fort Wayne capturing the Ostler wedding which was absolutely stunning and the perfect wedding to end my June weddings with. Evan and I then traveled to Indy on Sunday for an engagement session. We went down earlier so I could have some updated head shots taken by him, and he could just have some photos taken by me. We then headed to Butler's Campus to shoot Hope and Grant which was an adventure. We were about 20 minutes into the session when the sky turned black and it started pouring. It was the perfect time for us to make our way to the canal for part two. We ended up shooting in the rain, with Hope and Grant under a bridge, and Evan and I struggling to hold an umbrella and take photos, but we made it work. We then ate at my favorite pizza place in Indy, and then headed home.

The fifth weekend was probably the most anticipated weekend for me. Evan and I left early Friday afternoon to head to Chicago for Friday night, just to explore the city. We stayed at the same hotel I used to stay at when I was a kid and would visit Chicago, and ate at my favorite restaurant, Banderas. We managed to find a Nordstrom Rack (we are a little obsessed), and made a stop at Louis Vuitton which is kind of a traveling tradition for us. Basically we took a night on our work weekend to enjoy for us and it was such a blast. Saturday we did a late check out and stayed in Chicago till 3 so we could explore. We started off the day by watching a movie in bed and eating popcorn we had gotten from Garett's (MAKE A STOP), We then headed out and explored, doing a little more shopping, and finding the best donut shop ever. Seriously they had rainbow donuts. We also found a art festival where they had a pina colada stand. So if you put that together, we had popcorn for breakfast, donuts and pina coladas for lunch. Basically weekends away are the reason I gain weight. We then made our way to Madison. Wisconsin. We found a really awesome burger place near our hotel that had alcoholic milkshakes. Basically my dream restaurant, and I could have drank at least 3, but held back. Then we finished the night with a Office Binge. The next day we headed to the Wisconsin State Capitol to photograph Kaylee and Andrew. Now let me tell you the Wisconsin State Capital is massive and so so so gorgeous!! It is only 15 feet shorter than the one in DC, and equally, if not more, pretty. It was seriously definitely in the top 3 of places I have shot, and I wish I could shoot there all the time. It was just so dang gorgeous! We then headed home, and because of Chicago traffic, we didn't make it home till nearly 10, so we were definitely exhausted.

The travels may be over for this month, but I am about to spend the first two weekends in July out of town for the whole weekend. Thankfully I have the last two Sundays off, and can enjoy them with my family. But still will be traveling every Saturday this month. Busy season is in full swing, and life is total chaos right now, but it is so worth it!

Along with everything travel wise this month featured a few other highlights! As I mentioned about in the fourth weekend paragraph, MY NIECE WAS BORN. So basically I spend all of my free time staring at her perfect little face. I added two more weddings in 2019, as well as booked three more for 2020, and took a much needed vacation. I also hosted my sister's baby shower and it went really well! I also made my annual trip to the Indy Children's museum with Max and Sam who I have babysat since they were little. So basically June was the best month so far. July is going to hold a lot as well and I can not wait to see what is coming!


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