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Taylor and Paul | Salomon Farms | Fort Wayne, Indiana

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

If you know me, then you know this is about to be an extremely bias post because Taylor happens to be my best friend. So sorry in advance for the sappiness and the bias that is about to occur in this post.

Taylor and I met two years ago in the dumbest english class that you have to take to be able to teach English. It was literally called Teaching English, and we did absolutely nothing in that class. Luckily for us, but unluckily for our instructor, she tripped over an acorn, fell, and broke her elbow in late September. She had to have surgery, and we did not have class for the rest of the semester, and all received A's. However the 5 weeks we had class was enough for Taylor and I to bond. We were more just friends until last June when she knew Paul was going to propose and we started talking weddings every day. After that we pretty much just instantly became best friends, and I literally can not even go a day without texting her. So basically Taylor could give you a play by play of my life and vise versa. So in November when Taylor and Paul tie the knot I will be behind the camera crying because now I officially have to share my best friend for real.

Before Taylor and Paul's session we met at our favorite Mexican restaurant to have some Margaritas and queso, so basically starting off this session in the best way possible. Afterwards we ventured over to Salomon to shoot at Golden Hour, and let me tell you, it was so good. First off extremely bias that Taylor is just so stinking pretty, but bias aside she really is. She just lights up, which makes Paul smile ear to ear and it is so stinking cute. These two are just so sweet, and I am anxiously counting down the days to her wedding, 128 in case you care. So anyways before I get any sappier, enjoy these two.

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