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What Is In My Camera Bag

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

This is a post that has actually be requested a lot after I wrote my go-to lens post. So here we are! I actually should start this off by saying I have two camera bags because my two seconds shooters use my gear. However I am only going to focus on my bag because that is what I take with me for all shoots and use. I never reach into my second shooters bag, well I do to grab the batteries to charge them, and put snacks in there for wedding days, but I only use the gear in my bag.

I want to start this off by saying that I have the Kamerette Book Bag, and it is life. It is a gorgeous light brown leather bookbag that is absolutely perfect for everything I need. It is absolutely massive in space meaning I can fit two camera bodies, four lenses, a flash, and my MagMod kit. It also holds my laptop if I am traveling which is quite often. It is perfect for everything I need. I really want to purchase the black one that just came out, and hand over my light brown to my second shooter. But the saver in me says to wait and ask for the black one for Christmas. So maybe next year I will be blogging all about my new black Kamerette Book Bag. I do want to mention that a book bag is what works best for me by far. Having a book bag mens all the weight is distrubted across both shoulders and I have way less pain from carrying my bag then when I carried a shoulder bag. So basically I sooooooo recommend this bag.

So now to the inside. The great thing about the Kamerette Book Bag is that you can really customize the insides to make the compartments whatever size you want. I have not messed with mine as it currently works for me, but there is so many advantages to being able to change the sizes.

Inside my camera bag you will obviously find my camera body, my Canon 5D Mark IV. Could not live without it.

Lens wise you will find my Canon F1.4 85mm, my Sigma F2.8 50mm. Although I really only use my 50. Literally I normally shoot a whole wedding day on just my 50, I do keep my 85 handy because I do love it for if I have an ugly background I want to blur, or if I need to get a little closer on my ceremony shots but can't get physically closer.

Outside of lenses but still equipment I also have my Canon 480 Speedlite, my Magmod kit, and a macro filter. I do not use my macro filter much as it is such a challenge to get on and off my lens, however I use my Canon Speedlite and Magmod at every wedding reception so I think it is 100% necessary. My second shooter also uses the same flash set up.

Other random odds and ends in my bag include a million batteries for my flashes, four cases of SD cards, one case of CF cards, a lens cloth, a white balance card, and a few million business cards. I really need to make the switch to chargeable batteries for my flashes, but currently I use regular batteries which means I go through 8+ a wedding. But all my odds and ends are totally helpful for obvious reasons. I can't shoot without a SD card in my camera, and I need my CF cards for weddings. My lens cloth saves me because I constantly touch my lens for some reason. I use my white balance card to set my white balance, and I obviously hand out business cards a lot.

That is all I have in my camera bag, although I am sure you could probably dig out several granola bars because I am constantly putting them in there for weddings and totally forgetting they are there. So at the end of wedding season I usually dump out the bag and get all of those old and squashed granola bars out!

I hope this was everything you guys wanted!


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