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What I am Currently Loving: June Edition

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Another round of what I am currently loving is here and it is definitely a blog series because I plan on doing one every month. I feel like I discover so many little things here and there and want someone to share them with, plus everyone loved May's What I am Currently Loving post so turning it into a every month thing just made sense to me! So without a further distraction here are the things that I discovered/stumbled upon in June that I want the world to know about!

1. Fabric.com

I know a website seems like a weird thing to be listing but if you buy fabric for any reason you need to know about this site. In a post awhile back I mentioned how much I love sewing. Well I found a tutorial for burp rags this month and literally set to work on trying to make a few for my sister. Little did I know they would be a big hit, and she would ask me to make more. Since they are homemade I am able to customize the size for her, and the fabric I use it just so much thicker and more durable. So I am able to make them nearly double the size and thickness of the little ones you can buy at the store. One of my friends is expecting her third, and once she saw them she wanted a few. When I went to order her fabric I found more I liked to make a few more to put away for future babies to arrive. My sister also wanted a few swaddles made so that is my current project. Anyways the point is I have been ordering a ton of fabric and realized that Fabric.com is amazing. Seriously they have literally every fabric you can dream of, any size, and fantastic prices. Plus their free shipping says 7-10 business days, and I literally always get in in 2-3. So I know this one probably is only useful or pertains to a few of my readers, but I couldn't resist because this is a good one.

2. Voluspa Lemon Coco Candles

So I actually discovered these candles at least 4 months ago, but after looking at it sit on my desk the past four months I finally got around to actually lighting and enjoying it. Therefore I feel like I discovered it all over again. I will admit I am not a huge candle girl, for one I literally never remember to blow out my candles, so every time I have had one in the past and lit it I have made an announcement to the family members home at the time, and set a reminder on my phone. However after discovering this candle I feel like I am finally understanding the love of candles that so many have. This candle, although Lemon, does not smell a single thing like lemons (I would hate it if it did). It smells like Zebra Stripe Gum which is a gum they used to sell when I was little, so this candle is basically constantly nostalgia for me. However I literally think everyone should buy one because they smell INCREDIBLE.

3. Starbucks' Old Fashion Donuts

I know you are probably thinking another Starbuck's thing? Yup. They were sold out of my muffins a few weeks ago, and the girl said the word donut and I thought well you can't screw up a donut. I was thankfully correct and realized that Starbucks' Old Fashion Donuts are basically the greatest thing ever. So now when I go to Starbucks I get coffee, a muffin, and a donut. My bank account truly hates me. But seriously drive to Starbucks asap and get one. I have literally turned so many people on to these including my second shooter, Evan, who now every time I wants Starbucks makes sure I get a donut for him.

4. Roller Skates

I know what you are thinking, roller skates? Were you deprived as a child? Nope! I had a pair but always roller blades. However I had an idea for a shoot a few weeks ago and it required Roller Skates, a pair that looked vintage, so I headed over to Amazon and ordered a pair. I honestly have 0 idea how I survived before Amazon. Well they arrived and after nearly killing myself in the kitchen a few times, got reacquainted with skating and fell back in love. So while I guess you could claim I didn't discover these, I would claim I rediscovered them, and discovered them in a way because I always had roller blades. But seriously if you want to live out your childhood and realize that falling on roller skates now terrifies you, while 8 year old you embraced the ground with open arms, go to Amazon and order a pair and have a good laugh as you relearn how to skate.

5. Crazy Ex Girlfriend

I am giving a bonus one this month since number four was roller skates and if we get technically I knew they existed, but just was feeling nostalgic about rediscovering something from my childhood and had to share. Hence how we ended up here with Crazy Ex Girlfriend. Crazy Ex Girlfriend is an amazing and hilarious show that is on Netflix that you need to watch asap. Literally I laugh so hard I cry every time I watch this show. I have also showed it to at least 4 people already who all loved it, so I think that is a pretty good sign.

Hopefully everyone loves my five things this month as much as everyone loved last months. Literally can not even tell you how many people I heard that tried the blueberry muffin at Starbucks. However I wish I received a free muffin for every person who bought one at my recommendation. That would be amazing.


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