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Lindsey and Graham | Lakeside Rose Garden and Downtown Fort Wayne | Fort Wayne, Indiana

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

The morning of this engagement session I was on my Timehop app looking through my memories. One of them was a Facebook post where I said "About to board our plane to Costa Rica!!" How fitting that 8 years to the date of meeting Lindsey I was wondering around Fort Wayne photographing her and Graham's engagement session. Basically the best way to reminisce in the fact that I became friends with Lindsey 8 years earlier on a school trip to Costa Rica where we would literally grow to be such close friends after surviving 11 days on a bean and rice diet, drinking warm water, and staying in the most random hotel in the weirdest places. But the fact that 8 years later I was shooting her engagement session also made me remember why I love my job so much. It brings all these old friend back into my life, and I am especially thankful for this one.

Lindsey and Graham are basically my favorite people. I already adored Lindsey, I mean how could you not, she is literally the sweetest girl ever. But then I met Graham and that totally sealed the deal on these two. Graham spent the session looking at the locations I took them saying how much he loved them and how he could visualize the shoot I was going for, basically becoming my hype man the entire session. Normally I spend a session making my couples feel great, and hyping them up, but Graham was dishing it right back and I have to say I totally loved it. I felt like Graham was one of the most excited grooms I have ever photographed, and just felt like he was so involved in everything around the session which meant I automatically knew he was perfect for Lindsey. Lindsey is seriously the bubbliest person, who was beyond excited for the session, and Graham was too. I felt like I had known him just as long as Lindsey, and felt like I could not have picked a better man for her if I tried, this is definitely a couple that is meant to be together. These two are some freaking goodness you guys. Seriously freaking goodness. They literally both glow when they are close, and I mean glow like something you see between two characters in a romance movie. I literally could photograph these two all day every day, and literally about to start a count down for their wedding next May because I am literally so excited!

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