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My Little Sister's Baby Shower

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

I just want everyone to know that this is probably the sappiest Abbey Monday post that will ever be written, right after the one where my niece is actually born, so prepare yourself, and if you are related to me and cry easily grab a tissue. Also seriously take a moment to notice how freaking gorgeous my pregnant sister is. Literally glows and is totally my mom's twin.

If you had asked me 8 months ago if I would ever be throwing a baby shower for my sister I would have died of laughter. My sister as long as I can remember as sworn she didn't want kids, and would never have them. I, on the other hand, am definitely baby crazy. I love babies, I literally have always said I would take 100, realistically I would like four, but same thing, and I have said I wanted kids for as long as I can remember. So the life plan was Olivia was going to be the cool aunt that travels and had nice things, and I was going to be the stay at home mom of four. Which is why the fact that I had the absolute privilege of hosting my sister's baby shower is enough to make me tear up. I would of never said I would have that privilege and yet here I am, I had it, and it was literally an honor to be the one who threw my sister's baby shower.

Now I bet you thought that was the end of my sappiness and you are thinking that wasn't that bad, you are so wrong. My sister did not allow me to makes some grand speech at her shower, and rightfully so. People were not there to hear me blubber on about my little sister and how much I love her and I would have totally embarrassed her plus I would have just cried through the whole thing anyways so. But now here I am, on my blog, so you know I have a few things to say. So here is a little letter to my sister that I would have said at her shower, or to her the day of her shower but things were hectic because I went nuts with the decorations, and then I went home and literally passed out on the couch after. So grab a tissue and read a letter I wrote for my sister.


For 20 years I have had the privilege of being your big sister, metaphorically speaking because you have been taller than me for at least 6 of those 20 years. But being your big sister has been a title I have not always been the best at. There was the years of subjective torture to hair salon because mom put you in a bouncer and you literally couldn't move as I pulled your hair into a pony, or the years of running around my little pretend classroom pretending to be 20 different students while I told you to work faster. But there has been a lot of really good years of you and me. Years of laughing until we cried, and making fun of dad when he dances or tries to keep up with the lingo we use so fluently. Years of vacations, and laying in bed at night with you talking until mom yelled at us to finally go to sleep. Years of so many memories and moments that I can not wait to share with your daughter when I get to tell her how amazing you are. How patient you always are, how loving you are, how kind and gentle you are. You just possess so many amazing qualities that I pray you pass to sweet little baby H. Being your big sister is a title that I have not always treasured, especially when you went through the phase of wanting to do everything I did, but it is a title that has always been my favorite because it meant that I got to share my life with you, and grow up with you. But being an aunt to your daughter will literally be the best title in the world, and one that I will not treasure not even for a single minute because she will be just as amazing as her momma. Watching you transition the past 8 months from a college student, to a full time working mom to be has shown me that you are so full of strength, drive, and motivation to provide your child with the best life you can. Honestly I could not be any more proud to be your sister as you transition into motherhood because you are so freaking amazing, and oh so loved by me. Literally I love you more then you will ever know Little Livy.

We are just a little excited...

Now that I am a puddle of emotions over here, I did want to share a few pictures of my sister's shower. Now I need 0 judgement because the photographer in me is already judging me for leaving my camera at home. But I literally rushed out of the door at 100 mph and half sleep deprived since I shot a wedding the day before and stayed up way too late finishing the final touches of the shower and backing up wedding photos. Plus I had spent Friday making her backdrop and assembling that balloon arch so I was definitely in survival mode after little sleep.

So I hope you enjoyed this overly sappy Abbey Monday, and be on the look out for the blog that is sure to come about Baby H when she finally makes her debut!


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