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Alix and Alex | Downtown Newburg | Newburg, Indiana

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Last weekend, one of my second shooters and I, headed down to Evansville after shooting a wedding so we could be up early to shoot Alix and Alex's engagement session. Now was this a good idea? Probably not. Both of us were so exhausted from the wedding that by the time we arrived in Evansville we were cranky, and definitely ready to be done for the day. But the next morning, after a good nights sleep, and arriving to shoot in the cutest downtown area of Newburg, it didn't seem quite so awful to drive 3 hours, shoot a 6 hour wedding, and drive 3 more.

Alix and Alex, yes you read that right, chose to have their engagement photos taken in Downtown Newburg, the historic side of Evansville. We started at a cute little ice cream shop, wondered by the river, used the porch space of a bed and breakfast and wondered around finding the cutest little nooks and crannies for their engagement photos, and let me tell you we had a blast. Downtown Newburg is so stinking cute, I just wanted to move immediately to one of the little old homes that line the streets leading into downtown. Alix and Alex are also stinking cute, and such a joy to photograph. These two spent their session laughing, and having a good time. In after emails, Alix said that it was seriously such a great bonding experience for the two of them, which just totally reiterated to me how important engagement sessions are and why I love them so much! So if you'd ask me this engagement session was definitely worth a little sleep deprivation.

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