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May Travels

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I have been out of town a good majority of weekends throughout April, and right into May. This will continue right into June and July! Seriously my schedule is nuts right now. Gone most weekend, and shoving everything I can during the week so I can be gone all weekend. It may sound crazy, and it is, but I wouldn't change it for the world. Traveling is the best, even if it is just around the midwest. So since we are coming to the end of May, I decided to share my travels over this month! I spent most of the month traveling with my second shooter, and one of my closest friends Evan, so just assume if I say we that's who I am talking about! I also finally kicked off wedding season with 3 weddings in May! So happy to be back in the swing of things.

The first weekend in May I had the pleasure of traveling all throughout Ohio. We left Friday morning and managed to hit Cleveland, Ashland, Tiffin, Marblehead, and Toledo all in three days. The first night we stayed in Cleveland at the Hyatt Recency at the Arcade. It is a gorgeous historic hotel that you seriously can not miss! You need to go stay at this hotel. In Cleveland we managed to find the world's best cupcakes, a candy store that was right across from our hotel (talk about dangerous), and eat at the Melting Pot, one of Evan and I's favorite restaurants. We had the pleasure of photographing Kevin and Taylor, who are seriously the sweetest and funniest people I have had the pleasure of shooting. Their entire session was filled with laughter, and we shot right in downtown Cleveland at the Eternal Fountain of Youth, and outside the Brown's Stadium. It was seriously a gorgeous session! On Saturday we traveled to Ashland to shoot Nikki and Donnie. Their session was seriously so stinking cute, as downtown Ashland had the cutest little nooks and crannies for photos! Nikki and Donnie were basically models, and seriously had the best outfits. We then traveled to Tiffin to shoot Erin and John and their ADORABLE daughter Emerson. Oh my goodness she was the star of the show, and literally gave me all the baby fever. Plus we stopped at a local pizza joint and let me tell you, I am about to start driving two hours for pizza. After Tiffin, we headed to Marblehead where we finished out a day of sessions with Amanda and Alex on the edge of the lake, and it was incredible. The sunset was gorgeous, and literally could not have asked for a better location for photos. We then headed to Toledo for the night, so we could wake up early for two more sessions before heading home on Sunday! On Sunday we photographed Bre and Matt, and Cassie and Chris. Both chose gorgeous locations right in Toledo that were absolutely incredible. Bre totally dressed like a doll, and Matt just adored her, it was so sweet. Cassie and Chris brought their adorable dog, and showed their love for Ohio State during their session. After everything we headed home, and I totally collapsed in a puddle! Such a busy weekend, but seriously had so much fun driving all through Ohio shooting so many amazing couples!!

The second weekend in May, I shot a wedding in Fort Wayne on Saturday, but headed to Detroit Sunday for an engagement session! You may or may not know, but I am totally 100% obsessed with Detroit. I love abandedoned buildings, so naturally I love Detroit, but I also just love everything about Detroit. The culture fascinates me, the area, the architecture, everything about Detroit. So basically every chance I have to shoot in Detroit I run to the car and go! Unfortunately due to weather, we made it to Detroit, and it started to torrentially rain, so we had to reschedule, but it meant Evan and I took the time to drive around Detroit and see some of the abandoned buildings that I have been obsessed with for years. Even though I didn't get out and explore them, seeing them through the rainy windows of my car seriously made my day, even if I did hit at least 20 pot holes driving through Detroit.

The third weekend, I had the pleasure of shooting in Fort Wayne, and sleeping in my own bed all weekend! It ended up being rather needed as I managed to get Costochondritis, and was having pretty severe chest pain most of the weekend. So being at home was perfect because I was suppose to restrict the movement of my right arm to help with the pain. I spent most of the weekend when I wasn't shooting on the couch and covered in ice packs.

The fourth weekend, I had the pleasure of shooting a wedding in Crawfordsville, an engagement session in Evansville, and another in Indianapolis! Left Saturday at 10 am and didn't see my house again until Sunday at 9 pm, but it was so dang worth it! Angela and Dylan got married Saturday at Hidden Hollows Farm a seriously gorgeous venue in Crawfordsville that I totally fell in love with. This sweet intimate wedding included cheesecake, macaroons, some seriously gorgeous details between the florals and the decor, a sweet bridal party, and the cutest two ring bearers ever!! Seriously look at the smile on Caleb's face, I was totally dead. I managed to steal him for a few minutes and of course had to ask my second shooter to grab a photo. As you can see I am kinda over the moon as I love babies. Then post wedding we drove to Evansville so we could shoot Alix and Alex's engagement session in the morning in downtown Newburgh, which seriously I want to make a trip down there just to explore. Newburg was seriously so stinking cute. We shot at the cutest little ice cream shop, on the stairs of a bed and breakfast, and outside of the cutest little shops. I totally want to make a weekend get away here! We finished up the day by shooting in Indianapolis on The Canal which is absolutely breathtaking, and I loved every second of it! Definitely another place in Indy I want to drive down and explore. We then headed home getting stuck in some serious traffic, driving through torrential rains, and making a chipotle stop.

The travels for this month may be over, but they start full swing next weekend as I head out of town 4/5 weekends in June. The saving grace is one is for vacation, so that is helping me keep my sanity a little and not feel like I am totally downing in work! Next Month you will be hearing all about Ohio and Michigan as well as Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin, followed by more Michigan in July. Busy season is upon us, so hope you are ready to enjoy coming along this crazy journey that is 2019!

Along with everything travel wise this month featured a few other highlights! It is officially only 5 weeks until I meet my niece and I am screaming with excitement! I booked 3, 2020 weddings, so dates are flying off the shelves! I managed to plan my sisters entire baby shower, and it went 100% smoothly! Definitely though May would of kicked my butt, but clearly its the other day around!


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