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Engagement Session Prep

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

I feel like engagement sessions are in full swing around here. Literally I have been shooting 3-5 engagement sessions a week, and it won't be slowing down anytime soon, which is why I have been gearing Educational Friday posts towards engagement sessions!

Engagement sessions can be a little intimidating, most people have never have professional photos taken of them as a couple, and most haven't had a professional photo taken since they were a senior in high school. So I understand why couples come stressed to engagement sessions. They want to look perfect, and feel a little bit overwhelmed. This is why I have put together some outfit and accessory tips, as well as some general tips that will make your engagement session preparation just a little less stressful.

1. Do not try to match, try to pick outfits that coordinate instead. It would be so boring if everyone literally wore the exact same color at your engagement shoot. This is another reason I always recommend a pattern for one and a solid for the other to add some variety

2. Don't be afraid to do something different. Make your outfit your own! Add a fun scarf, bold pair of shoes, or statement earrings. These little things let your personality shine through.

3. Most patterns are actually okay to wear. I am unsure who started the rumor that they are not okay to wear, but they are. However graphics are not. If you are wearing a pattern remember that bigger patterns do photograph well. Things like small plaids and checks can almost look solid colored in photos.

4. Be sure to head over to Pinterest and find my Engagement Outfit Inspiration board if you are feeling stuck. In that board you will find nearly 100 photos of real couples of mine and their outfit choices that were photogenic!

5. Empty your pockets. If you have a phone bulging in your pocket it is a pain to edit, and does not look good.

6. Most often I recommend my couples do one casual outfit and one dressy. This first off gives your engagement session two totally different looks, but also gives you more variety when it comes to your photos. Plus who doesn't love getting a little dressed up.

7. Make sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing! If you do not normally wear something skin tight, your engagement session is not the time to. You will feel uncomfortable and it will show in your photos.

8. Be on time! If you are late, chances are you will start to picker and you do not want to start your engagement session off in a bad mood.

9. Clean the ring! You want your ring to absolutely sparkle like it did the first time you put it on, so take it over to the cleaners before your session. If you forget, even just wiping it with a glasses cloth will make all the difference.

10. Relax! I have yet to shoot actual professional models, meaning no one who has been in front of my camera has been a pro so there is no pressure on you. I am going to guide you and pose you the entire time meaning all you have to do is smile, and enjoy!

11. Make a date out of it! I always recommend after your engagement session heading to get a bite to eat. You a celebrate getting one more thing done, and enjoy yourselves just a little longer.

I hope this tips help you be a little more relaxed for your engagement session!!


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