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Tips and Tricks for Bringing Your Dog to Your Engagement Session

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

So you want to bring your dog to your engagement session, by all means do it!! As an enamel lover I always get excited to meet my couple's dogs and photograph them along with you, after all they are your baby. Plus I love getting to love on your dog. After photographing so many dogs I have a few tips to make sure your engagement session with your best friend runs smoothly!

1. Bring treats or some sort of bribery for your dog. Most dogs are going to get pretty excited over the fact that there is a new person there who is down at their level for a few shots. If they are waiting on a treat they are less likely to move during shots making my job easier and you a little less frustrated.

2. Bring some sort of toy to get their attention. if your dog loves tennis balls, bring one. If it is a teddy bear, bring it. Some dogs need a little extra something to get their attention, especially shots when they are sitting with you. They love paying attention to mom and dada so getting them to look at the camera can be a challenge without a toy.

3. Bring a friend or family member along! Chances are you only want your dog in some shots here and there, so that mens that there are shots where your dog will not be needed. Bringing someone to hang out with your dog takes the stress off of you trying to figure out where to tie them up, or worrying about waking back and forth to the car every time you need them.

4. Be patient! This is my biggest tip! Your dog is excited. There is a new person, and the sound of the camera clicking is not familiar, chances are they are not going to be perfectly behaved. It is not a big deal! Your dog will get used to me eventually and calm down, so just be patient for the first few minutes.

5. Give them lots of love and reassurance. If your dog sat long enough to even get two shots, they did a good job. Make sure you tell them how good they are and tie them lots of loving, This is also likely to reinforce the good behavior meaning by the end of photos they will be a total model.

6. Bring a neutral color leash and color. This is the most important thing for you to remember, I can not even begin to tell you how many sessions I have had where the bride and groom are in perfectly coordinating colors and then there is their dog in a neon colored leash and collar. It is so distracting in photos! Make sure you chose a collar and leash that either matches the color of your outfits, or is neautral in color so it is not distracting from you in photos.

7. Be relaxed, your dog can sense when you are tense or stressed, which means they will be more likely to be excited or a little wild. If you are calm and relaxed your dog will be too!

Hopefully these few tips and tricks will help your enaggemtn session with your dog run just a little bit smoother!


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