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Bailey and Daniel | Private Property | Fort Wayne, Indiana

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Whenever my couples ask if we can shoot their engagement session on private property, I always immediately say yes. I love shooting in new spaces that I have not used before, but also shooting on private property especially with it usually being spaced owned by a family member provides such a unique space for your session. Literally no one else will have their engagement photos at that location, and I love how it is such a personal touch to your session, so when Bailey said her future in-laws had some gorgeous property I was all about it. What I didn't realize was just how gorgeous it was going to be between the pond, the picture worthy front porch, the original bright red barn and some seriously lush greenery. I could not have asked for a more gorgeous space for this sweet couple's engagement session.

Bailey and Daniel met their freshman year of college, and let me tell you these two are so stinking sweet together. I could not think of a better match for these two. The way Daniel looks out for Bailey, and constantly making sure she was warm (thanks Indiana for giving us 50 and windy in May), making sure she was happy, and that she was getting whatever photos she wanted. Bailey spent the entire time giving Daniel a big smile every time she looked at him, and laughing, encouraging every idea Daniel had for photos. Let me just say these two had the best ideas for photos, they had picked their locations on the property, and had so many cute and creative ideas that I just absolutely adored! I can not wait for these two to tie the knot in October, and hopefully we will have a little bit nicer weather!

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