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Taylor and Kevin | The Fountain of Eternal Life | Cleveland, Ohio

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

As a photographer I have the pleasure of meeting and photographing so many people in love, and it happens to be one of my favorite parts of the job. But like anyone who meets a lot of people, there are couples who I instantly adore and hit it off with, and there are couples that it takes more work. Taylor and Kevin happened to be a couple I instantly connected with and adored the second I met them. Maybe it was Kevin's pineapple shirt, or the fact that within seconds of shooting they were giggling away, but this couple is my kind of couple. We spent nearly the entire session nearly in tears from laughing so hard. Kevin is absolutely hilarious, and Taylor's side comments make it all the better. We chatted about everything from their adorable little boy, to the fact that Kevin recently took up golfing, and we will be seeing him in the masters next week, to work and school, sports teams, this couple was just such an easy couple to be around and get along with so quickly. Funny story, we were shooting at The Fountain of Eternal Life, and you can see the Cleveland Brown's Stadium near by. As we were waiting for Taylor and Kevin, I said "Oh look the Bears Stadium." My second shooter, Evan, instantly turned to me and said "Oh the Bears, who play on Solider field?" I could see the stadium and the fact that it said First Energy Stadium, but as someone who doesn't watch every football team I went with it. However I could tell his tone said I was wrong about something. He finally corrected me, and we laughed about it. Within a few minutes of the session we realized Kevin and Taylor are huge Brown's fans and quickly told them what had happened. We were laughing so hard over my straight up blonde moment, but it was perfect because we realized they were Brown's Fans and took them over to shoot in front of the stadium, which turned out to be Kevin's favorite shots. So my blonde moment definitely made this session just a little bit better.

But besides the laughter that Kevin and Taylor brought, and the fact that I obviously need to brush up on my NFL trivia, this session was so amazing for many other reasons. We shot at The Fountain of Eternal Life which is gorgeous and surrounded by incredible architecture that made for gorgeous photos. I also had an adorable couple, who was so giggly, and affectionate together that it made documenting their love such a dream. These two could not be any cuter together, or sweeter. Fully completing each other in every way, and you can tell that these two just fully adore each other and their presence, making them such a joy to be around. So all in all this was the perfect session to kick off a weekend full of engagement sessions and travel.

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