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International Photography Bucket List

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

It only seemed fitting after publishing a USA photography bucket list that I also do an international one! I will have to say this blog post was much harder to write as I felt like there are so many amazing places in the world that would be incredible to photograph. Plus the possibilities are really endless. There are thousands of venues in every country making this list nearly impossible to wiggle down into just 10. But thanks to my mom's help I was able to.

These locations just like the ones on my USA bucket list are gorgeous venues and locations that make me drool and wish I could shoot there immediately. However due to the nature of my business, and the fact that I do not promote myself in any of the countries, plus US residents are not allowed to shoot in Canada for money, most of these locations are probably just dreams. However I think I could make a good majority of them happen if I really tried, especially the location list. However then again the thought of traveling with my camera internationally gives me some mad anxiety, I'm sure all my photographers out there would agree. So basically here is a bucket list that I may or may not ever achieve, but hope to at least hit a few.

11 Places that are on My Photography Bucket List

1. Fingal's Cave (Scotland)

The first location and of course the most impossible to get to. Fingal Cave is a cave on the uninhabited island of Staffa. This cave is only accessible by boat cruise, and you are only allowed to enter and see it if the sea is calm that day. However your time on land and inside the cave is limited due to the fact that the sea changes so rapidly. This means, this location would be near impossible to actually make everything happen that I would want to, but I am definitely up for the challenge!

2. Machu Picchu (Peru)

If you have ever seen a picture of Peru, chances are it is of Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is a city hidden on the mountain top in Peru that is incredible gorgeous. It is also called the Lost City of the Incas. So you know me and my love of abandoned places means this list strikes high on the list. It is also well known because llamas, YES LLAMAS, roam the city. So basically this city is what dreams are made of. Ruins and llamas, it can not get better than this. This location would make for an incredible portrait or engagement session between the incredible views on the mountain top, the fuzzy llamas that photo bomb pictures, and the crumpling ruins of this town. This location is honestly on my travel bucket list as well because it is something I feel like I really want to see in general.

3. The Louvre Museum (France)

This one does feel a little cliche because every photographer I follow who has been to Paris has done a session outside this museum. But one google search and it is rather easy to see why. The Louvre Museum is basically a giant glass triangle, and gorgeous castle like building, combining both old world and modern all in one location. They also have regular art displays outside the museum that are heavily photographed and always gorgeous as well. I honestly feel like this is just one of those locations that most photographers would want to photograph at, due to how beautiful it is, but also due to the popularity. Like I said, every photographer I follow that has been to Paris has shot here. I have seen everything from engagement sessions to portrait sessions to high fashion taken here and I think this space is really endless on what would be amazing to photograph here. However I would lean towards a couple since it is in the city of love.

4. Chefchaouen (Morocco)

Chefchaouen better known as the mysterious blue city, is an entire city in Morocco that is painted blue. Literally everything from the walls, to the buildings, doors, windows, stairs, streets, everything is blue. It is totally incredible. The fact that an entire city is just this gorgeous shade of blue really creatively inspires me. They also add colorful pots with plants during the warmer months adding a cool splash of color, and I just think it would be incredible to photograph someone here. This is another place that is also on my personal travel bucket list just due to how amazing it seems, plus it is on the Mediterranean Sea so obviously an incredible location.

5. Jurassic Coast (England)

Jurassic Coast is a stretch of the coast in England that its basically what dreams are made of. It is world famous and on the World Heritage list, and it is really easy to see why. Similar to the dreamy coasts of California but better, this location offers luscious beaches, incredible rock formations, insanely blue water, and lush greenery. Literally a bride and groom would be the ultimate to photograph in this location because talk about EPIC SHOTS, but literally anything and anyone would look incredible in this location.

6. Deception Island (South Georgia)

Deception Island is part of the Antarctic region, meaning the odds of me going are pretty slim to none, however I really do love this location. Deception Island used to be a location where they did a large amount of scientific research and the whaling industry was rather large. However after a volcano erupted the buildings were abandoned. I think you can see why I love it. The buildings and equipment left are usually covered in snow and/or ice giving them a definitely eerie feel, while also making them a total incredible backdrop. Photographing an individual here would be the move in my opinion. It is just a neat and unique area that I would love to photograph.

7. Tunnel of Love (Ukraine)

My mom was not a fan of this location, due to the fact it is not the safest country to visit. But something about this location draws me in way too much to take it off the list. I will say it is just probably the last one on my list that would be visited if I started chipping away at this list. The Tunnel of Love is a set of abandoned railroad tracks that have been incased in greenery. The trees over took them forming a literal tunnel around the tracks, and it is insanely gorgeous. Photographing a couple here would be beyond incredible, especially since it is called the tunnel of love.

8. Pamukkale (Turkey)

Pamukkale better known as the gorgeous thermal pools, that anyone who has spent any time on the internet has seen a picture of, is towards the top of my list. One image search and you would agree this location is gorgeous. Pamukkale is a section of Turkey that hosts clear blue water thermal pools, that are incased in gorgeous white rock. Pretty much an epic location for any sort of session, the ultimate would be a bride and groom, however due to the fact that there is water involved I think a couple or engagement would be much better suited. I would just have to figure out how the heck I could pull off the images I would want and keep my camera away from water damage.

9. Positano (Italy)

My family is Italian, so basically I had to restrain myself to keep the entire list from becoming locations in Italy that I would love to photograph. However I decided one was enough, and chose my top choice, the town of Positano. Chances are if you have seen a photo of Italy you have seen the town of Positano. Right on the Mediterranean Coast, the town of Positano is picture worthy all on its own, hosting colorful buildings, a gorgeous view, lush greenery, basically what you picture when you think of a Mediterranean Coast town. I would love to pack my camera and my family and shoot some insane family portraits here just due to our heritage however I think a couple or engagement would be just as amazing. Maybe I could talk my parents into being that couple.

10. Provence Lavendar Fields (France)

Literally every woman in my family's favorite smell is Lavender, so there is no surprise that I happen to love it too. So as I was searching I came across the Provence Lavender field in France and it insanely became the number one location on my list. Not only because I love lavender but because this location is INSANELY gorgeous. Not only is it insane amounts of lavender but the property also hosts a castle like white and grey building that just adds to the charm of this place. This location would be incredible to photograph a couple, engagement, portrait, family session, and definitely a bride and groom. A bride and groom would look so insanely incredible in these gorgeous purple fields.

11. Chernobyl (Ukraine)

It should be no surprise to anyone that with my love of abandoned locations I would chose to put Chernobyl on my bucket list. In high school I had a list of abandoned locations that I wanted to explore on a trip I called Abbey's Ultimate Adventure, top of my list was Chernobyl. However when I was planning that trip safely visiting Chernobyl was not a thing and now it is, so my obsession is definitely back. A friend of mine and I have bene watching videos on it, and we both love this location and think it would be amazing to visit. So it is on my photography bucket list, my personal travel bucket list, and my abandoned bucket list. However this is the only location on my photography bucket list that I actually have no desire to photograph anyone in, I simply just want to photograph the city. Do yourself a favor and go watch a youtube video or two of people exploring, it is incredible.

10 Venues that are on My Photography Bucket List

1. Domaine De Andeols (France)

This venue is pretty much the exact opposite of the gorgeous Chateau you probably pictured when you heard wedding venue in France, but I think that is why I love it so much. The Domaine De Andeols is a more modern venue in France offering lush grew outdoor spaces, with a more modern take with reflecting pools, and cement and stone structures. It is unique in that it also offers a tree house in the middle of the garden space that is basically what dreams are made of for any photographer because it would be absolutely breath taking in photos. This venue also offers lush lavender fields, and basically feels like the french take on something out of California which I just adore.

Check it out here: Domaine De Andeols

2. La Foce (Italy)

Everyone should have known that after I said I was Italian a gorgeous Italian venue was going to appear on this list, and boy oh boy did I chose the most gorgeous Italian venue that you have ever seen. Boasting a gorgeous garden, a castle like structure with two staircases and a gorgeous balcony overlooking the garden that would be beautiful for your ceremony spot, and a gorgeous pool in the garden perfect for a water side reception, this venue is absolutely breath taking and obviously at the top of my list. I would seriously die of excitement if I had the pleasure of shooting here, and hope to some day. It is seriously one of the most photogenic venues to exist, offering the perfect combination of lush greenery and neutral tones backdrop to compliment literally any wedding color palette. It also offers a gorgeous villa for indoor space options, as well as getting ready spaces that equally gorgeous to the outdoor space and posting another several gorgeous locations for photos.

Check it out here: La Foce

3. Cecil Green House Park (Canada)

Like I said in the intro the idea of shooting at a venue in Canada is really nothing but a dream, as currently Canada is really strict about not allowing United State Citizens to shoot in their country. Something to do with taking away work from their own people. However I know a few photographers who have been granted a pass, and I know that laws are ever changing so I decided to include this venue, as well as another Canadian venue on my bucket list. The Cecil Green House Park is a favorite of mine due to the fact someone took a massive old house and turned it into a wedding venue which offers unique spaces for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies and receptions, gorgeous land for photos, and photo backdrops that can not be beat. This venue would also be gorgeous for engagement photos and family photos.

Check it out here: Cecil Green House Park

4. Old Forest School (New Zealand)

This venue is probably the least like the others on the list, just based on the fact that most of these venues are gorgeous classic venues, and the Old Forest School is quite unique. The Old Forest School as you can imagine is a former school they turned into a venue. Nestled in the forest it is a quaint little venue, perfect for a small intimate wedding. This venue offers a ton of really photogenic locations meaning any photographer will thank you, and keeps the party intimate as everything is within feet of each other. I simply love it because of the fact it is so intimate and small and the fact that it sits on 5 acres of forest land that would be an absolutely gorgeous backdrop for your phots.

Check it out here: Old Forest School

5. The Grounds of Alexandria (Australia)

This venue is basically a photographers dream, literally upon finding it I google image searched it and nearly died. This venue would literally make any photographer scream with delight. This venue offers the most beautiful greenery filled indoor space I have ever seen meaning you would literally have the most epic reception photos ever. It also offers lush greenery throughout the entire indoor space of the venue meaning every photo you have taken indoors is going to be absolutely breath taking, and every photo taken outdoors will be equally gorgeous as the door space is absolutely incredible. One of my favorite things about this space is the fact that the ceremony site is in a greenhouse that combines both industrial with nature to create a unique space that is absolutely gorgeous. This is definitely one of the most photogenic venues I have seen.

Check it out here: The Grounds of Alexandria

6. Bendooley Estate (Australia)

I am going to be honest when I say the number one reason I love this venue is because the indoor space is an old library and the walls are bookshelves filled with books, and as a book lover, that just really gets me. But other then the library aspect this venue is definitely one of the best of the best that Australia offers. Located right outside of Sydney, this venue is the perfect escape from the city, yet close enough for convenience. This venue offers insanely lush gorgeous greenery, a gorgeous indoor and outdoor space for your ceremony and reception, I am talking high ceilings, exposed wood beams, as well as gorgeous decoration such as the giant chandeliers, and the gorgeous twinkle lights all over the patio. This venue offers both indoor and outdoor space for your reception which I also love. There are literally 900 cool places to take photos here as well making it a total photographers dreams.

Check it out here: Bendooley Estate

7. Chateau De Carsix (France)

Looking for a dreamy chateau in France to tie the knot, look no further because you are about to be obsessed with this venue. Nesseled in the country side of France stands this gorgeous chateau that looks like it should be out of a movie. I'm talking long drive lined with greenery, grand indoor ballroom space, gorgeous grounds, a million glass windows, an a ton of historic charm. This venue is what I picture when someone says wedding in the french countryside. A photographer I know hosted a workshop here last spring, and I was so sad to have missed it, but she showed the entire chateau throughout the week on her instagram story and I was obsessed. This venue is perfect for a romantic European countryside wedding, and is one of the most photogenic venues I have ever seen.

Check it out here: Chateau De Carsix

8. Ashford Castle Hotel (Ireland)

Two and a half years ago I had the pleasure of going to Ireland with my cousin thanks to my amazing parents, and totally fell in love. I have not shut up about Ireland since and I am hoping to have the pleasure of returning sooner rather then later as I am in love with the country. Therefore it is no surprise that a Ireland venue popped up in my list, and is definitely near the top of my list. I did have a hard time narrowing down which venue, but I think I made a good choice with the Ashford Castle Hotel. As you can imagine it is a gorgeous Castle that offers everything you could want in a venue, old world charm, beautiful landscape, and the feel of luxury. This venue would be perfect for a high end wedding.

Check it out here: Ashford Castle Hotel

9. Dromo Castle (Ireland)

No surprise another castle in Ireland is making the list. This is actually a castle I had the pleasure of exploring and even staying in, yes I felt like a total princess because I spent the night in a castle! The reason I love this castle so much is because I have a personal connection to it, having stayed there, and spent part of my trip exploring. This castle is basically what dreams are made of as it offers not only the castle but a chapel, and a beautiful and I mean beautiful secret garden that would basically be what dreams are made of for your bride and groom portraits. I have always dreamed of a destination wedding, and if I someday am able to convince my parents this is where I hope to tie the knot as it is absolutely incredible. It is everything you could want, and the whole space makes you feel like a total princess. This venue is literally a dream for a bride and a photographer.

Check it out here: Dromo Castle

10. The Unfinished Church (Bermuda)

This is probably the venue that is top at my list, simply due to the unique aspect it brings to the world of venues. The Unfinished Church in Bermuda is exactly as it sounds, an unfinished church. Basically the stone structure of the church was built and nothing was completed after that, meaning it is basically a fully outdoor venue, that gives you the feel of a church, since it is an unfinished church, but also an urban abandoned feel, combined with nature. It is seriously one of the prettiest venues I have ever seen and also one of the most unique. This is definitely a venue I would die of excitement to shoot at as it simply can't be beat and there is really nothing in the entire world quite like it.

Check it out here: The Unfinished Church

I am willing to offer a seriously heft discount to anyone who makes one of my 11 venue dreams come true! So definitely send them my way.

All that aside, I bet you are probably as obsessed with at least a few of these places as much as I am because they are all incredibly gorgeous! I will definitely be taking you along for the ride should I ever have the pleasure of crossing a few of these off my list!


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