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Maddy and Caleb | The Ambassador House | Indianapolis, IN

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Maddy and I discussed locations for weeks trying to find the perfect place in Indy that was going to be green enough in late April to get the look Maddy wanted. A good photographer friend of mine gave me a few suggestions and I sent them Maddy's way. We took it down to two, and eventually Maddy decided on the Ambassador House. Literally she could not have chosen a more perfect location for their photos. The Ambassador House in a wedding venue that is absolutely breath taking. From the gorgeous old house, to the stone out house, to the complexly beautiful landscape, to the white picket fence, it looks like something out of a fairytale. Combine it with Maddy's gorgeous blue dress, and Caleb's dress pants and shirt, I truly felt like I was shooting something out of a fairytale. The entire session was soooo gorgeous!!

Maddy and Caleb not only are practically professionals at choosing locations, I joked that I would be having Maddy chose all my locations from here on out, they are also the sweetest couple in the world. These two were so gentle and loving with each other, always laughing and boasting huge smiles every time they looked at each other. These two have the kind of love you see in a movie, and are jealous of. Plus they are stunning together. Seriously someone give them a cutest couple award! My second shooter and I had such a blast shooting these two and documenting their love. I honestly wish this session could of gone on for hours, upon hours. Can we also talk about how perfect their outfits were and the fact that I am obsessed with Maddy's ring, and her fun coral nails which added a pop of color?! Honestly this was just one of those sessions I walked away from so excited to rush home and edit the photos because the session was so good.

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