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Allyson and Brandon | The Venue | Mount Orab, Ohio

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

It seriously needs to be next August like tomorrow because I am so freaking excited for Allyson and Brandon's wedding I can't even begin to tell you. The second I met these two at their engagement session location, I knew they were my kind of people. Allyson instantly brought up that she loved how much I loved snacks, and that is a total snacker as well. She pretty much instantly became my best friend, and Brandon gave my second shooter and I restaurant and liquor store referrals, so basically these two are a dream to me. And yes, I do base how much I like you on if you talk all things snacks and food with me. But in all seriousness, I could not be more thankful to be Allyson and Brandon's wedidng photographer. These two were such a dream to work with. Allyson is literally always full of giggles making my job such a breeze, and Brandon is a pro nussler, and amazing at making Allyson laugh so hard. They are all smiles together with love radiating between the two, and the excitement of their upcoming wedding pouring out immensely. Honestly these two could not be more perfect for each other and the session could not have been better. We spent the entire session laughing, as the photos will confirm, talking about our favorite snacks and restaurants, places I need to visit in Ohio, seriously they gave me a candy store recommendation, and talking all things wedding. I left the session feeling like I had just spent time with two of my life long friends. It was seriously such an amazing session, and such a good time. This session was also amazing because I had the pleasure of photographing Allyson and Brandon at the very venue they will tie the knot at next August. This is so cool to me because it had such a sentimental value as their future wedding venue, and it will also be so much fun to recreate some of these photos in their wedding attire. So basically anxiously awaiting next August because I absolutely adore these two!

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