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Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Want to know my favorite space in my house? It's my office. That statement may have totally made me sound like a workaholic and if so that is fine by me. But when you have a cute little cozy office to do your work in how could you not love it? I decided to bring you into my office space for two reasons. 1. It is one of my favorite parts of the room. 2. Everyone always only sees me behind the camera which is only 20% of my job. 80% of my job usually takes place from this very office so I figured it was about time someone saw where the majority of the business was done.

My office happens to be in my bedroom because I had the perfect space, literally, for it. I knew the second I walked in the room that I was claiming that room and exactly where everything was going to be set up. But that means that my office space is small and cozy, rather than large and grand, which is actually how I prefer it. My office consists of my desk, and bookshelf along with various things of equal importance I mean I rather have to stand then not have my planner. Totally serious on that one too. So lets dive into my space!

Above you can see my desk which is obviously where all the magic happens. When I found out I was moving last year, I decided it was time for a total redo of my bedroom furniture. My little day bed that was cute in college, and tiny desk, was no longer working for me. I wanted to upgrade from cute college kid to actually glamorous young adult when it came to my bedroom. Literally before even thinking about a bed, I went hunting for a desk because my desk is the most important thing to me because it is where I spend a majority of my time. I literally probably spend less time in bed each week then I spend at my desk. Creating the perfect office space was of the highest priority to me and I am so glad I achieved my vision.

As you can see I definitely went with pink, grey, white, and silver in my desk spaces. I actually just bought this lamp this week after moving my old desktop Mac on, and I am obsessed. It perfectly goes with the metal on my desk legs, and is such a fun pop on my desk.

I tend to have a lot of goodies on my desk at all times, and they usually all include photographs. The frame with the picture of my mom and I has been in my room since that photo was taken. The photo of my dad was taken a few years back, but the bunny it is attached to was bought by my dad when I was 9. Last but not least, the photo of my grandfather is a little extra special, because my grandfather is no longer. He always supported me in everything I do, and seeing his smiling face reminds me to always pursue my dreams like he did. I also like to always have my pens on my desk for easy reach and my favorite candle, Voluspa's Lemon Coco. At the time I took this photo I had also just bought a Gucci head scarf and refused to let it out of my site hence the black box with the ribbon. I also can not forget to mention my wireless charger because this thing is the bee's knees. When working it is really easy to get distracted, I mean Instagram is calling. So I started charging my phone during the day instead of at night, that way when I am working I have to set it on my wireless charger and can't use it. Total life saver.

I also want to mention my acrylic shelf organizer but it totally deserves it's own paragraph. Another amazing Amazon find if I do say so myself. This acrylic shelf organizer is the best. I keep everything of utmost importance in the top shelf, things I need to get to within the month on the second, things I will probably need to be able to easily grab on the third, and the fourth had Knot magazines, and other work things I occasionally need. If you look closely you might also see a big video camera on the top shelf right now. It is over 50 years old and I am fixing it up so it will work. It pretty much trumps every other project I have right now, so I put it on my shelf for the time being.

Another thing I always have on my desk that I don't consider a goody is my planner. Having my planner out and open on my desk is a must for me. I love seeing my to-do list and my schedule every time I am sitting at my desk. Having it out makes me more likely to complete my to-do list, as well as achieve it quicker instead of waiting until Saturday to do it all. I am a huge huge huge promoter of actual planners and having it on your desk and open.

I would be totally lying if I said anything in my office was my favorite over my bulletin board. I AM OBSESSED WITH IT. I actually just bought this bulletin board two weeks ago because I had a vision of having a gorgeous mood board over my desk. So I went on Amazon bought the bulletin board and star garland, printed out all the pictures, and spent an afternoon making it happen, and it was worth it. I find myself staring at it all the time. It includes some of my favorite quotes, images that inspire me, and images that make me laugh. It is the best project I have ever done. I added the cursive Abigail after I saw it on PB Teen and thought it would be so cute over my desk!

My bookshelf is another equally important part of my office, as it holds all the odds and ends I definitely need access to pretty regularly. I keep my binders, notebooks, stationery, art supplies, office supplies, books, sample albums, bridal magazines, and everything between on this book shelf. I mean I have a type write on it. I also decorated the top with some knick nacks so I think that is why I love it so much.

I love knick nacks, honestly I think thats my inner old lady talking, but I do, so of course I have to tell you about mine. My mom has a whole cabinet full of little goodies, and I love to look at it, so does my grandma, so maybe its just instilled in me to love them. Anyways I have another spot in my room with a few of my other important ones, but I have some of my favorites around my desk. My top there are my box with the lady bug that says I love you, my hedgehog pin cushion, and my box of glass animals. My wood box with the lady bug and the I love you came from my grandfather when I was little. He surprised me with it, and I have never parted with it since. My hedgehog pin cushion is from my mom, like I said my family feeds my hedgehog obsession. Last but not least my box with my glass animals. When I was little my grandfather, who was from Italy, would take yearly trips back to Italy. He would go for several weeks, and always bring back amazing surprises. He always brought my grandmother back a glass animal and I was always so jealous. He finally brought me one, a tiny little lady bug, and said if I could keep it intact for the entire year he would bring me back a big one. I dropped it about 3 minutes later. For years I tried to keep my lady bugs intact but they always lost a leg, or just got lost in general. Finally when I was 11, he brought me back a big blue butterfly, and I was over the moon. That was his last time to Italy. I was so happy with my big blue butterfly that I have cherished it for years, but I have always loved going to my grandmothers and seeing her box of glass animals. So this year, when she was moving into assisted living she gave them to me and told me to take care of them for her. I literally cried. I knew they had to be somewhere I could see them regularly, hence they ended up right in my office.

I love love love my word sign. I bought it about two years ago, and it is my favorite thing to play with. I try to change it out once a month, but if I am honest it happens maybe 4 times a year give or take. But I always try to put something funny on it, so when I see it, or whoever comes in my room they get a little laugh out of it. Obviously my current quote is a little bit of a joke, and kinda accurate. My sister was giving me a hard time the other day because I get Starbucks way too much and she saw me in the same outfit twice in one week. Later that night I was scrolling through Pinterest and found this quote. Knew it was going to go on the wall immediately. I also have four vintage cameras hanging along side and it is one of my favorite things in my office. I love my sign with my vintage cameras. Like I said in my post last week I have over 75 vintage cameras, but obviously I do not have a place to display all 75 in my room. So I hung a few on the walls, and I am sure you saw them in other parts of my office as well. This was actually an idea I had while watching Fixer Upper. Joanna hung cameras on the wall like this and I was dying to recreate it.

So that is my little corner of my life that I spend literally so much time in. I am absolutely obsessed with my office space, but I am dying to hear what you all think!


Desk: PB Teen

Chair: Pier One

Pillow: Home Goods

Lamp: Target

Frames: Various Places

Bulletin Board: Amazon

Garland: Amazon

Planner: Happiness Planner

Pink Desk Shelf: Amazon

Book Shelf: Target

Llama Pen Holder: Marshalls

Face Pen Holder: Hobby Lobby

Word Board: Hobby Lobby

Pink Letters: Hobby Lobby

Vintage Cameras: Various Antique Stores

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