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Why an Engagement Session is so Important!

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

I love engagement sessions, just take a look through my blog and read any of my posts that go with an engagement session. I can not stop talking about how much I love them. I also can not and will not stop mentioning how important they are which is why I am taking the time to make others understand why I think engagement sessions are so important. Now I understand that some people just don't see the value in an engagement session and I get it. Maybe you are trying to have the photographer of your dreams, and it is more budget friendly without the engagement session, or maybe you have a friend who will snap a few for free. Whatever your reason is for not wanting an engagement session with your wedding photographer is about to be blown out the window because I am going to give you six reasons why having an engagement session with your wedding photographer is of the utmost importance.

1. Your engagement session allows your photographer to better understand you.

Your engagement session is a time for me to understand how you two work well together in posing. Some couples love the close intimate poses, some couples feel awkward in them. Some couples love poses where they look at each other, others prefer to look at the camera. Your engagement session is the time for me to figure this out. What poses do they like or don't? What poses are the most flattering for them? This makes it so when I show up for a wedding day that I know exactly what poses work best. Your engagement session also gives me a feel for you two as a couple as well. I like to know if my couple is really giggly or they tend to be more serious. If I have a couple that loves to giggle and have fun, I have posing games we can play, if I have a couple who likes to be more serious I am not going to ask them to play a game. I realize that some couples are really candid together always laughing and need less direction on posing, while some couples don't do well with candid and need constant guidance. Your engagement session helps your photographer tremendously when it comes with getting to know you two and how to best document you.

2. An engagement session will get you more comfortable in front of a camera!

I can not tell you how many couples show up to their engagement session and the first thing out of their mouths is either "we are going to be awkward" or "I hate being in front of the camera." I totally get it. Most couples have not had professional photos taken of just them and now here they are. So I spend engagement sessions capturing gorgeous images but also getting my camera used to the sound of my camera, and how I am going to move around them during photos, getting closer, and stepping back. I get them used to every little thing about having professional photos taken, so by the time we are done I know that they will definitely be ready to go on their wedding day.

3. It will shave time off how long photos are needed on your wedding!

I tend to use the same poses at an engagement session as I do your wedding. After all we all know you looked really good in those poses. Obviously I add some and take away a few but for the most part I use a lot of similar poses. By the time we get to your wedding day you have done an engagement session and pretty much know every pose I could ask of you, meaning we are going to spend way less time doing photos since you two are already pros at posing and know exactly what I am asking of you!

4. You get to know your photographer!

Your engagement session is probably the first time you have seen your photographer outside of booking them, and unless you are their friend you probably don't know what they are like to be around. Your engagement session is not only time for your photographer to get to know you, but for you to get to know your photographer and build a relationship with them. A personal relationship with your photographer is so important because they are documenting the biggest day of your live and will be there the entire time.

5. You can use the pictures for so many things!

Need a guest book? Use your engagement photos. Decoration for your house? Use your engagement photos. Phone background? Engagement photos. Save the dates? Engagement photos. Wedding website need a little pop? Engagement photos. Having professional photos of you two that you can use for anything is so important! Sure you will probably replace a good majority of them with wedding photos, you won't replace all of them, and it is nice to have professional photos of you two.

6. The pressure is off!

On your wedding day it is busy. We are moving through things because nothing is ever fully on time. You have a bridal party, family members, bearers and flower girls, and guests to get photos with. You may feel overwhelmed or someone else may be overwhelming because of the timeline, and needing to get to the next thing. Your engagement session comes with 0 stress and pressure, meaning it is a time to have fun and just enjoy your fiancé. So take a date night after, and reconnect.

Now hopefully my list convinced you, if not what do you think would be a more convincing factor?


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