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What to Have For Your Photographer When They Arrive

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

I could write a whole blog post about why I think details are important, but instead I opted to casually mention it in my intro instead of writing a whole post about it, because chances are if you are a bride of mine, or have taken a chance to pick a photographer you know that details are important.For me, the whole day begins with details. This is one of my favorite parts of the wedding day because it allows me to prepare and get my creative side waxed up for the rest of the day! I photograph my bride's details in a way that matches and showcases the style of the entire wedding day. So, in a way the details set the state for the whole look of the wedding and I love having time to stylize, and shoot everything from the dress, to the jewelry, to grandma's handkerchief! Which is why I am here providing you with a list of details that I most commonly shoot, as well as a bonus list including a few ideas you may not think are important. I always ask my brides to gather these items before I arrive and have them ready so I can walk in, say hello, give a big hug, and then jump right into details. By having these things ready for your photographer rather it be me or someone else, you can eliminate a lot of stress, as well as guarantee that we will start the day off right on schedule!

I also went ahead and included a list of things I bring with me to every wedding for stylizing the photos. I wanted to include this list because I wanted my brides who read this post to know what I was bringing, but also for other brides as well. If you are looking into a wedding photographer and they do pretty detail shoots, don't hesitate to ask what they provide as chances are they have a stash of things like I do.

Common List

These are the things that I think are a must that you provide to your photographer for your detail photos. Sometimes you are missing one or two which is okay, but if you can have them all your photographer will totally adore you. A tip for remembering your invitation suite is to mail it to your photographer. When my clients mail me one of their invitation suites I instantly put it right into my camera bag so I know I will have it for their wedding day and then they have one less thing to worry about.

- Dress

- Rings (all three)

- Veil and/or Hair Pieces

- Brides Shoes

- Bouquet and Bouts

- Jewelry

- Perfume

- Invitation Suite

- Borrowed and Blue

Some Bonus Items

These are a few items I have seen and photographed incorporated into detail shots. But this is really a customizable list to fit you! The groom's items are listed as bonus, because I rarely photograph them due to the fact they are never available or the groom is getting ready elsewhere. However if you want them photographed by all means bring them!

- Cuff Links

- Loose Flowers

- Other Stationary (ex: programs)

- Groom's Jewelry

- Groom's Cologne

- Your Vows

- Groom's Tie or Bowtie

- Hanger From Your Dress

- Wedding Invite Stamp

- Flower Crown

Things I Provide

Like I said I have a stash of items I bring with me to weddings to stylize details, which I think it always important. These are things I don't want to worry about you finding so I provide them. Chances are your photographer will too.

- Ring Boxes

- Various Pieces of Ribbon

- Wax Seals

- Ring Dishes

- Dried Floral Pieces

- Silver Dishes

- Vintage Stamps

- Various Pieces of Fabric

Now that you have made your detail list, make sure you remember to assemble it all! I recommend assembling it all together either in a box or bag the night before. If you don't have time the night before make sure to put someone else in charge of it so you are not stressing out!


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