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10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Pop the bubbly because Monday's with Abbey are finally here and I am kicking it off with 10 Things You Didn't Know About Me post!

I am so excited to write this blog post for you guys mainly because it is just the beginning of Monday's with Abbey, but also because you already know a lot of weird odds and ends about me such as I own a golden retriever and I was born on Thanksgiving. But most of the time y'all just see me behind a camera, or talking about venues, or camera lenses, but I wanted to let you into my life, to really get to know me by sharing 10 things about me that you probably don't know and are really key to who I am. Hence where this blog post if coming from! I do want to say that I am probably going to be giving you the 10 most random things about me, but they are what came to me as I wrote this post so they are what you are getting. But afterwards you will know 10 really random things about me.

1. I am 100% obsessed with Hedgehogs. Do I know why? No. It started in high school when I saw one on Pinterest and thought it would be an awesome pet to have. I kinda latched on to that idea and just never let it go, hence resulting in my "obsession". I even have a small hedgehog tattoo on my ankle, as a rebellion against my mom who wouldn't let me get a hedgehog when I was in college. My love is definitely fueled by my family who loves to buy me little trinkets with hedgehogs on them. In fact as I sit at my desk, there are eight hedgehog things within reach including a music boxer and a planter. My sister even gave me all hedgehog themed gifts one year for Christmas.

2. I love to sew. Am I skilled at it? Absolutely not. But I have a big sewing machine like I am Martha Stewart so that counts for something right? However I rarely have the time for it because I am a girl of many hobbies, but when I do make time for it I sew for days, even though I am really only good at making simple blankets and zipper pouches. So if anyone needs a blanket or a zipper pouch, I totally have you covered.

3. I have a massive vintage camera collection. I guess as a photographer this is probably not a shocking fact to read, but I have over 75 vintage cameras. I even have a few cameras that are nearly 100 years old. Quite a few of them don't work, but some do and I love using them. I have about 400 polaroids in a box in my closet that I have taken using my old cameras, as well as several film rolls I need to send off to be developed. There is just something about old cameras that I really love, and definitely plan on growing my collection.

4. I love, and I mean go to Starbucks 4-5 times a week love, Strawberry Refreshers. If you have not had one you need to go to Starbucks and get one immediately. Hands down the best thing on their menu. I am even drinking one as I write this post. I will probably earn gold status within a month.

5. I am obsessed with Abandoned Buildings. This is yet another obsession of mine that I have no idea where it came from but I am totally 100% obsessed. In high school I saved all my money because I was convinced I was going to take a year off college and go around the world exploring all my favorite abandoned buildings. Well 16 year old me didn't realize how expensive that was going to be, so it never happened. However I still have that trip inteniary on my desktop with dreams of hoping to make parts of it happen some day.

6. I have 8 tattoos, which I truly feel no one ever knows about me, mainly because if I am in a dress at a wedding only 3 are super noticeable. I have two on my ankle, three on my arms, one on the back of my neck, one on my side, and one on my back. Every single one of my tattoos has deep and personal meaning, well minus my hedgehog which is probably my favorite one. Funny story, I have cordinances on the back of my neck to my childhood lake house. I was sitting in church one Sunday and after the service the guy behind me tapped me on the shoulder to ask where the location was. Turns out he has spent a good chunk of the service trying to figure it out and Google couldn't get it.

7. I have the weirdest allergy. I am allergic to citrus fruit. Therefore I can not have lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits. Meaning you will not find me drinking lemonade in the summer, or using orange juice to combat the winter colds going around. Like I said it is the weirdest allergy and I have yet to meet anyone that is also allergic to citrus fruit. Can not even tell you how many times I have said I was allergic to citrus fruit and someone looked at me like that was absolutely crazy.

8. I love to write and have loved writing ever since I was little. I have a degree in English, and literally took every creative writing class my college offered. No joke. I took a 600 level writing course as a sophomore because I love writing so much. I have a huge goal to write a book, not even in hopes of being published, but just to be able to say I did. However every time I start one, I get distracted and never finish.

9. I love statement earrings. I personally love shopping for accessories, like shoes, bags, or jewelry, mainly because there is never a time I have put on a pair of shoes, or held a purse, or put on my earrings where I went oh I look bad in this. Because of this, I love shopping for accessories, and latched on to statement earrings about 6 months ago and can not get enough. Bauble Bar, Target, and Rozie June will be the death of me, because every time they release a new line I feel like I have to have them all.

10. I could not and will not live without my planner. Literally I would cry more if someone stole my planner then my car, but maybe that is because I have OnStar and my car could be tracked down. But that is how serious I am about my planner. I love planning my week out, and seeing everything I have scheduled, then highlighting it once it has been completed.

So there is 10 very random facts about me, that I hope you all enjoyed! Leave a comment below and let me know a fact about you!


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