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Most Photogenic Color Palettes For Your Wedding

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Choosing the perfect color palette for your wedding can be stressful. Like thank you Pinterest for giving me 900 good color palettes and causing me anxiety becaue I will never be able to choose. So I gathered a few of the most photogenic color palettes I have seen over the years giving you five color palette options for your wedding day. Hopefully helping you come one step close to making a choice!

Light Blue and Grey

I think it is pretty easy to see why this color palette is so dang photogenic. First, light blue looks gorgeous on everyone. There is not a single skin tone that is not flattered by it. Second, grey looks great on everyone. Again there is not a single person I have ever seen who does not look great in a grey suit. Combo these two together and I felt like it was such a dreamy combination. It is bright, without being too bright, a pop of color without being overwhelming, and literally the perfect color palette for every season. This is a color palette I am praying makes an appearance this year! I think the odds are high considering I photographed three weddings with this color palette last year.

Dusty Blue and Navy

Color palettes that involve shades of different colors are always super photogenic. For example here you see a dusty blue and navy. Sara and Erik chose colors that came from the same base but were different shades and it was gorgeous. This color palette not only has colors that compliment everyone and their skin tone, it also compliments nearly every venue, and every season. I think this color palette would be totally gorgeous for a winter wedding, especially if you added hints of silver.

Purple and Grey

I love purple in literally every color palette. I have seen it paired with black suits often and I love the look, but since grey suits are the new trend I decided to lean towards purple and grey for this blog post. Jamie and Logan went with multiple shades of purple which I love combed with the grey. This is another color palette that literally goes with every venue, and every season, and one I think I will be seeing a lot of in this upcoming year. Which who can blame anyone who choses it because it is 100% gorgeous, and super photogenic.


Neutral color palettes are always gorgeous and photogenic. Colten and Alex chose various neutrals for their florals, decorations, and bridesmaids dresses, and it was super gorgeous, and a color palette I wish I saw all the time. This color palette screams classic and timeliness, but can be used at any venue in any season just by tweaking the shades. Darken up your neutrals for a late fall wedding, keep them light for winter and spring, and play around for summer. Neutral color palettes definitely need to make more appearances because it is a color palette you can not look back on and regret since it is so classic.

Grey and Pastels

I saw a few different color combinations of grey and pastel color palettes in the past years, but nothing compares to grey with pastel purple and pink. It is such a fun color combo for spring and summer, and goes with every venue. It is also super flattering in that everyone will look great in these colors, and the things you can do with your florals if you chose pink are literally to die for. Zach and Ale had some of my favorite florals I saw all year, the purple and pink bouquets could literally not be beat!

I hope this blog post helped you narrow down your choices and bring you one step closer to finalizing your perfect wedding color palette!


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