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2019: On The Job

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

2019, what a freaking year. Normally I start this blog post off by saying do you ever wonder what I look like behind a camera? But then I realized if I have photographed you that you do know what I look like behind a camera so it was a dumb question. However I bet you never realized the amount of ugly, sassy, down right mean looking faces I actually make while I am behind my camera, because my second shooter really captured a lot of really tragic photos of me this year. So while I am super embarrassed that my face actually looks like that at times, I know they are totally hilarious, and I did laugh at them while I worked on this post. I want to thank everyone who hired me and allowed me to capture their big day, or their engagement, family, or senior, you are the reason these photos exist and so many people thank you. I thank you because you make my dream job possible. Disclaimer, there are some actually decent photos of me working and doing my thing which are included in this post, but I know all of you just come to this post for the ugly ones and hilarious commentary. So I hope you enjoy! Also a ton of these shots come from engagement sessions this year, because I have been doing a ton of traveling and took my seconds with me to a lot of them so enjoy those too!

Also one more disclaimer: these photos are not edited at all. I don't feel the need to because they are simply just here to be laughed at.

Maddy and Caleb's engagement session was absolutely gorgeous, as you can tell here. You should take a look at the blog and see their adorable engagement session.

Probably studying my shot, but I am unsure as to why I made such a disgusted face over it.

I included a lot of photos of me where you can't see my face this year because I started rocking my hair naturally and I love seeing all my curls in photos.

Always giving instructions and always rocking the crazy curly hair.

Always making sure my bride's hair looks absolutely flawless.

My wrist strap is slightly too tight, so if my hand swells even a little it gets stuck on my wrist and feels super uncomfortable. So there is a lot of time at a session that I am pulling it around trying to make it more comfortable. Glad my second shooter grabbed this shot.

Explaining what part of the face I wanted him to kiss, and eyeing the people walking out of the hotel behind them.

I noticed that I do a lot of leaning during taking photos, why I don't just take another step forward... I do not know.

Still leaning.

Another shot of me interacting with my couples and enjoying my dream job.

I am unsure what I am doing here but I kind of look like I am just taking in everything with my hands stretched wide.

I am a hand talker, if you know me you know that it is bad. I can not talk without throwing my hands around, so here I am directing my couples with my hands.

Another leaning shot as always.

Leaning again and enjoying the view of the lake with this couple.

My second shooter was testing locations to stand for a shot, and of course I had to stick my tongue out at him while he took the shot.

Glad my second shooter captured a shot of me in my favorite cheetah pants. Literally bought these and wore them a ton for a week straight. They are so dang comfortable and the perfect thing to do anything in. So if I could buy them in 900 colors I would.

I really wish I would of had a cute face during it, because I would of posted it, but here we are. Another testing lighting to see how it was, and me modeling.

If I am being real honest, the only thing I can think about is the fact I stole Evan's coat . We were shooting the Straessle wedding and it was 56 degrees and I was like "oh Ill be fine in a long sleeve dress." I was not. So Evan was nice enough to give me his coat that he brought to keep him warm.

Another wedding, another getting Groomsmen in order.

Trying to figure out the best way to hold the Jones Soda bottles to get their labels in the photos.

I do not know why I always lean forward when I take my shot.

Angela and Dylan's dance floor was outside at their venue and it was stunning.

I befriended Angela and Dylan's littlest son. I seriously could of taken him home with me.

When you complained on the way to the wedding how you need to eat healthy, then made 2 trips to the desert table and your second shooter caught you.

Again always leaning.

I love that Evan caught me mid-ankle roll, especially because Evan calls these shoes the ankle breakers.

These stairs at an abandoned bed and breakfast were perfect for Alix and Alex's engagement portraits.

Surprise! I sometimes lean backwards!

How many mosquito bites did I get? Maybe 12. But well worth it.

When you and your second shooter make eye contact mid ceremony.

Leaning in for that perfect shot of just the florals.

I honestly spent about 10 minutes trying to figure out where this photo was even taken. But literally Evan loves to point the camera at me randomly and I always serve him with my tongue out.

Bet y'all would of never guessed that this gorgeous portrait took place in a parking lot.

"What did you say?"

Shooting down the building for just the right angle, and to avoid getting the bright red car in my background that was parked behind them.

Y'all this session was a literal wind tunnel, and the only spot I could protect Ally and Adam from the wind was setting them down by this wall.

This is a BTS from Evan taking some updated head shots and tbh this photo makes me die of laughter every time I see it. Basically this is what life is like with curly hair!

I do not know what face this is, so don't ask.

When it starts pouring mid-session YOU MAKE IT WORK. I also purchased two very large golf umbrellas after this session because this tiny one was not doing the trick.

Always getting that shot, and always stepping in front of Evans.

Blurry but oh well because we shot Alicia and Corinne in Detroit AT ONE OF MY FAVORITE LOCATIONS.

Again with the leaning..

Using my sunglasses to hold my hair back since it was windy and taking a scroll through Instagram while the couple changed.

Always making sure the dress is laying 900% perfect.

Always getting that under the veil shot.

A beyond dreamy engagement session in downtown Chicago, and again pretty sure I stepped into Evan's shot.

Rita serving all the gorgeous looks and me always leaning forward and standing on tippy toes for no reason.

Incase y'all ever wondered what it looked like behind the scenes when I take that perfect veil shot.

When you just want that perfect shot of the rings in the flowers, you improvise to create the perfect background.

Always making sure that dress is flawless.

Morgan had a cathedral veil and I was struggling to hold it all so it wouldn't get wet, so her maid of honor was nice enough to help me out so that I could get the perfect shot

Adjusting the veil so it was laying perfectly.

Getting the perfect veil shot.

If you have a veil there is a 100% change I will get under it with you.

Tbh this is my favorite shot to take, even if it makes my arm so tired.

Maid of honor and dad surveying the scene, me standing on a fountain to get the perfect photo and the videographer getting the perfect shot from the ground because he's not short.

The things I do for the perfect photo.

Groomsmen portraits? Check!

When you are creepily happy about Morgan and Mike officially being husband and wife.

I carried Morgan's veil back to the bridal suite post pictures and of course had to do a little twirl.

Totally only did this because Evan was shooting.

Morgan's mom was the real MVP.

Seeing if she is as good as I was. She totally was.

So glad Morgan requested a photo with me.

She also wanted one of all of us. So it may not be an ugly BTS but it made the cut.

When you thought you lost Evan and you find him.

Another wedding, another day spend coordinating the wedding party.

The court house in downtown Fort Wayne is the perfect backdrop.

Great photo by Evan.

Getting the perfect shot, again on the tip toes.

OMaking sure I wasn't in Evan's shot. I was.


Blurry but I was getting that perfect ring shot.

When you are tired of squatting so you just lean awkwardly.

Was there a sign that said do not stand here? Maybe. Did we get yelled at by multiple people for it? Yes.

Thought I was going to have a heart attack on the hike back up to the car after this but it was well worth it.

Evan getting Artsy by adding in the rock to the shot.

I was holding Caitlin's bouquet and then a plaid scarf as the backdrop for the shot.

Testing lighting and me making an ugly face.

Like I said if you have a veil, I will be under it with you at some point.

"Have you read these cake flavors?"

Fluffing that dress.

Holding the veil so Evan and I could both get the perfect shot.

Just photographing my best friends wedding, no big deal.

Evan always taking photos when I am shoving food in my mouth at weddings.

When you can feel Evan judging you for going to the ice cream bar.

But you so don't care.

Unsure what Evan said but it clearly concerned me.

Standing normal for once.

Again holding the veil for the perfect shot.

Holding the veil and about to toss it so evan could get the perfect shot.

Always the under veil shot.

Getting that perfect shot of the florals.

Reviewing my shot.

We were trying to decide where the couple should stand for the best lighting during the ceremony.

Katie and Richard had a cut out of their cat for people to use at the photo booth. I loved it.

But this is my last shot I have of me from weddings and engagement sessions that I shot this year, which is so bittersweet. There were plenty of more behind the scene photos that were not captured because my second shooter was too busy going his actual job which is a lot more important. However, I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into behind the scenes of all our amazing couple's wedding days and a lot of engagement sessions as well. Obviously there isn't behind the scene photos from every wedding, but these provided enough of a laugh, seriously I made some ugly faces this year. A huge thank you to everyone who chose me to capture their big day! We (my second shooters and I) love you! I can not wait for another year of hilarious behind the scene photos coming in 2020!


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